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FIOS WCB6200Q Routing Issues

FIOS WCB6200Q Routing Issues

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I had Quantam Gatway for 2 years and never had any issues. I just added the WIFI WCB6200Q Exteder few days ago. I used WPS to sync the WFI extender with MAIN Router and after adding the WIFI extender, I am having the following issue:

I can not ping certain IP addresses on my home network

I can not see certain IP addreses in WIFI extender's Status page

Radio is turned off on Main router so all WIFI devices are using WIFI Extender to get IP address (DHCP) and to connect.

I CAN TEST Connectivity to all devices from the MAIN router's interface and they all seem to be connected.

I am thinking that the WIFI Extender is having problem finding certain IP devices (routing).

Any suggestions?


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Have you tried turning on the wireless transceiver on the router? I'm wondering if the extender is trying to observe or fetch something from the router's wireless and stalling out when it doesn't see it.

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Yes, I have. I am using this device as Access Point and its attached to Main (Gateway) router via ethenet.  Gateway Router's radio is turned off. Everything works fine if I turn the radio off on Extender and connect (wireless) directly with the Gateway Router.

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Can you see what IP address you get when connected to extender vs main router?

If first 3 digits of each address are not the same, that is probably the issue.

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