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FIOS internet connection has slowed considerably

FIOS internet connection has slowed considerably

Copper Contributor drrich
Copper Contributor
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I've been running FIOS since February using a Mac Pro ( 2.8 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon) and OS X 10.5.8.  It has been blazingly fast at connecting to sites and pulling in pages. Downloads have also been very rapid. About 3 weeks ago this all changed.


The initial connection to my home page now takes about 15 seconds.  When I try to connect to a site it takes from 15 seconds to a minute to make the connection. At the bottom of the page I get a running summary telling me the computer has loaded xx or xx+ items. This tally updates and updates until the page finally appears.


If the site is a multi page site such as this forum or google news, changing pages results in the same long delay before the page appears. Also if I use the back button to return to a previously viewed page the same long delay happens.


As for downloads, they too have slowed to a crawl.


Initially I thought this slowdown might have something to do with all the Verizon crews in my area who are installing FIOS cables in nearby communities.  But they appear to have finished their work and the delays continue.


Any one have any troubleshooting suggestions I might try to see if I can fix this?




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Copper Contributor mirage
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Try a hard-reboot of the router (unplug the cable, don't use the switch, and wait then plug back in) it could be a case of the NAT table becoming filled near capacity or overfilled.
Copper Contributor drrich
Copper Contributor
Posts: 14
Registered: ‎02-24-2009
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After doing a bit more checking in the settings of my Actiontec router I discovered there were three DNS listings.  The first two addresses were with Comcast - a company I have not used for internet service since I switched to Verizon DSL several years back. Where they came from I do not know but once they were removed the browser response went back to the the speed I had been seeing since switching over to FIOS.



Since the problem has now been solved Ill be marking this thread to show this updated status.

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