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FIOS internet has become atrocious

FIOS internet has become atrocious

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Is there anyone out there that is having problems with their FIOS internet speed?  When I first signed up for FIOS my speed was right on target with what I am paying for (35mbps).  Fast forward to now 15 months later, my connection is terrible.  


I am have 5 computers.  2 are using windows XP, 1 Windows 7, 1 OS X, 1 Fedora 14.  No, I am not using bandwidth on all 5 at once.  Around 9pm every single night, my connection drops below 8~9mbps using speakeasy speedtest.  I have tested all 5 using a hardwired connection.  I have even bought a new ethernet just to make sure the wire isn't bad.  2-3 out of every 7 nights the connection is actually below 2 mbps upstream and downstream.  I can literally go get something to drink and come back while I wait for speakeasy to even load.


In the morning before I go to work my connection is full speed and I am hitting 30mbps.  However my peak time to use the internet is unfortunately at night and not in the morning.  I have contacted Verizon and the only answer I get is there must be something wrong with a wire somewhere etc.  This is not the case.  A wire or connection is not going to selectively go bad only during peak hours.  


I have raised the question if it is possible they are expanding service in my area too fast and if it is taxing the infrastructure.  I was told again it was a dedicated connection ( extremely hard to believe it is not shared ).  There has been no answers why my connection is so bad.  If it was something tangible was bad on my end it would not only go bad at night.


When the internet is down to 8ish mbps it is useable to do menial tasks.  However, the bulk of my internet usage is to either play games or watch a few webcasts.  At 8mbps my ping is through the roof on my games and they are virtually unplayable.  Also the webcasts might as well be playing at 20fpm rather than 30fps.  


I have FIOS at my business which is located 5 miles from my home as the crow flies.  I have never have had a problem once.  Regardless of the time of day, my connection is always solid.  At home, it is a complete nightmare.  What gives? 

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On the speed test have you thought about trying a different site to see if you ge the same results?


For example or


I would be curious if these other speed test sites report the same slowness.

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