FIOS not available for my address?

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FIOS not available for my address?

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I feel like I'm surrounded by FIOS users, for some strange reason FIOS web is not available at my house.  Strange enough I was previously in a rinky dink apartment that had FIOS, now that I'm in a great neighborhood with a 4 bedroom home I cant get it.  My neighbors on either side of the street have it, but me being an IT guy am offered a whopping .5Mbps from Verizon which is not suitable for my needs.  Maybe someone can give me some advice of an alternative besides TWC which I already have.  Here is what I have running.  Firewall equipment: Cisco 2811 (Voice/Video conferencing), Cisco PIX 515e (VPN connections), Intel SR2600UR Server (6 VM's, 30TB storage pool, FTP, Exchange, AD, IIS, SQL, Lync Federation & Edge), Wifi Radius (2 AP's), 4 TB cloud, and about 10 total PC's/Laptops.  HOW CAN I WORK WITH .5??????  Please let me give you money Verizon.  I'm looking for speeds up to 1GB ↑ & ↓, if you can't do it I'll take the next best thing.  Thank you.



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Re: FIOS not available for my address?

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I forgot to mention I also run two other servers, but I will need only two static public IP's, i can NAT rule one IP and the other can be dedicated for Exchange & Lync.

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Re: FIOS not available for my address?

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FYI, you're talking to customers here.  If you want answers from Verizon, you need to call or chat with them.  Click here:

Contact Us


Verizon stopped new FiOS expansion years ago (google for details).  They are continuing to build out previously committed areas, such as NYC, but are not adding any new areas.  If you live within an area that is built out, definitely call Verizon and find out if there is a mistake in their engineering database.  It will take them some time to investigate, but if there is mistake you should be able to get FiOS.


However, if you live just over the line of a built out area, you are most likely out of luck.  You mentioned your neighbors have FiOS, are they on either side of your home or across the street?  If they are across the street, does anyone on your side have it?  You can check by plugging their addresses into the Verizon web site.  If nobody on your side of the street has FiOS, chances are you are on the wrong side of the "FiOS Line."  If that's the case, DSL or cable are most likely your only options (satellite too, but that's not really viable for you).


One more thought, residential FiOS provides a single dynamic IP address.  If you want static IPs, you'll need business service.  Same equipment and fiber, just a different price point and better service guarantee.


Good Luck.


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Re: FIOS not available for my address?

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Sounds like you are running a business.

Are you looking for  business or residential account?

Don't know if they provide static IPs for residential accounts.

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