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Fair pricing and customer retention.

Fair pricing and customer retention.

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Fair pricing and customer retention.

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As a customer of FIOS, you really do not have any competition for internet connection.

But yearly you will have to take the battle of leaving to get a better princing.


I have never seen a more grappy policy to maintain customers, lets raise the price after a year.


Scamming: then looking at upgrades, you click throug and leaves you with one option to choose from "place Order" No option for Cancel. incredible a new low,

that I'm sure many elderly would fall for.


This is about the time where I will have to change my provide unless I get it to the fair price of 39.99 again.


I compare your pricing to buying Milk at the store, because you have done that for a year, we will raise the price on Milk.

I'm sure that the NPS Score you have, could be raised quite a deal with a change of policy and how you treat the "loyal" customers.

I will never be loyal with yearly battle......


If that does not happen I'm out of here for a year.

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Re: Fair pricing and customer retention.

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This happens even with cable internet etc. satellite you name it.

the first year is a teaser price. Verizon is not a monopoly in all sectors. Look at flopping to cable for their teaser rates.


after you cancel as you know the “we want you back” will occur from them.

you could come back after 30 days of not being with them.

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Re: Fair pricing and customer retention.

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I know the game. I'm a renter, and I've played it for many years. I go on hiatus of not having Internet sometimes. We are dealing with monopolies. At this point, Internet is a utility and needs to move away from a for-profit model.

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