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Few Issues: (Homegroup/opera/router speeds)

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Nickel Contributor
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Few Issues: (Homegroup/opera/router speeds)

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FIrst issues: Any particular reason the website doesn't allow customers to log into pay bills while using Opera as  browser? I have to find IE to log into to post this. Unacceptable.  Opera works just fine, there is only one criteria, your website coding has to be correct for it to work. Not the customers issues if you use poor coding on your website.


Issue two: I'm having a hard time getting Win 7 Homegroup to work. I need to transfer information between my laptop and PC. I'm thinking my issues are related to the IPv6 issues.  As far as I know, there isn't a way to enable this on my FiOS router. Sometimes my wireless laptop can access files on my PC but my PC wants nothing to do with the laptop. Then out of the blue they lose homegroup connection. WIreless printer? That's a no go also. Comes and goes Even wire to wired, PC cannot see each other, firewall off, homegroup names the same, times are all synced.....


Last Issue, I'm paying for 25/25, when are we going to get supplied with wireless routers that actually support the speed we pay for?


Thanks in advance for any information provided.



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Re: Few Issues: (Homegroup/opera/router speeds)

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The FiOS routers all support speeds in excess of 100Mbps WAN to LAN, and LAN to WAN without an issue. They are workhorses, including the old Rev. A units (though these were not too optimized!). As you've probably noticed, the limits are with the Ethernet switch or the Wireless Radio, or the MoCa link. As many of us would say, you're already set if you use 25/25. Just use Ethernet, PowerLine or MoCa adapters to PCs that need to get that kind of connectivity and reliability. Wireless? Unless you can get Verizon to send you a Rev. F, G, or I ActionTec router you'll have to get your own AP. You're better off buying your own Wireless N router as from what I've seen posted by others, the non-draft N ActionTecs still don't have the oomph people are looking for on the Wireless (probably a firmware issue rather than a hardware issue) and are easily outperformed by other routers on the market. Lots of detail I could explain regarding that subject, but it's best to settle with Ethernet for speed over Wireless. After all, you didn't buy a Wireless connection from Verizon Wireless, did you?


Now for the Homegroup and Printer issue. When Homegroup stops working, are you able to ping the other PC on your network using it's Link-Local IPv6 address or Hostname (which will ping over IPv6)? How about your networked Printer, will that ping when it is "down" or do you wind up with a Destination Host Unreachable message? This could be caused by anything at this point without knowing some more information. The FiOS routers will pass IPv6 traffic despite a lack of support in the Verizon firmware for it.

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