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FiOS 25/25 supposed to be upgraded to 50/50, but D/L speeds still capped at 25

FiOS 25/25 supposed to be upgraded to 50/50, but D/L speeds still capped at 25

Contributor slimbobaggins
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Can't get through to FiOS support chat, so I'm going to post this here in case there's support folks on here.

My FiOS 25/25 is supposed to be upgraded to 50/50 per my account page.  

Speed tests on the Verizon FiOS speedtester are showing 25/69.  Testing on speedtest.net shows 24/70.


The tests are done via a direct ethernet connection to my router, after I'd powered the router down via power cable disconnected, waited 5 minutes, powered it back up, and rebooted the PC prior to testing.


I've run the tests through both FireFox and Chrome, with consistent results.  The PC is very fast, i7 processor with 16 Gigs of ram, it's not the limiting factor.  The router is virtually new, it was purchased brand new from Verizon when I moved in August 2015.


I also downloaded, installed, and ran the Verizon FiOS speed optimizer and allowed it to make changes to the ethernet configuration with no improvement whatsoever.


I'm not sure what steps to take from this point forward.  I am clearly being capped by Verizon at 25 Mbps download speed.  No amount of rebooting my computer, and power cycling my router, are going to change that.



Gold Contributor IV
Gold Contributor IV
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This is a peer-to-peer forum.  You need to contact Verizon tech support and have them check your account to see if it's provisioned properly.  I'm guessing you're not and they should be able to easily correct that problem.


If it turns out that your account is indeed provisioned correctly and you're still getting those results you'll then need to get tech support to schedule a technician to visit your location to troubleshoot the problem.


Good luck.

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