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FiOS Availability

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I live out in the boonies, and just barely have Verizon DSL.  It's horridly unreliable, and really not much faster than a 3G air card.  I was so excited driving home this weekend to see rolls of fiber optic line.  On Monday I stopped to ask the crew installing the fiber optic if it's for Verizon.  They said it's actually going to a nearby cell tower.  So I did a little research and if I understand,  fiber optic lines can carry all kinds of, and multiple signals. My question is, is there any chance Verizon could use the same fiber optic lines to get FiOS back to us?  Who would I talk to to find out if that is in the works?





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I'd say the odds are not very good. Verizon is being forced to upgrade the data connections to cell towers as they role out 4G LTE service.The  FiOS rollout have pretty much stopped, and may not start up again any time soon, as Verizon attempts to climb in bed with the cable companies.


Realistically to get FiOS service, you need to live an area with reasonbly high population density, and with adequate income to support the FiOS product. Then Verizon needs a franchise agreement from the local government, and has to agree to pay franchise fee for each subscriber. As far as I know, the Fiber Optic eqipment to support FiOS is unique to FiOS. Verizon runs a Fiber Optic  line to a box mounted on a pole from the Central Office, The box has multiple connectors, and then the FiOS cable is run from the box to the homes of subscribers and connected to an Optical Network Terminator (ONT). Basically they want about 10 homes within 150 feet of the box on the pole.


The Good news is that the Fiber Optic cable probably means the local cell tower will probably be supporting 4G-LTE service soon, so a  4G-LTE card will probably soon be able to provide substantially better performance than DSL.

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your research regarding the use of fiber lines is right  what you should consider is the verizon fios is a consumer product while cell tower connections is part of verizon business product.   so don't count on them making a few pairs of fiber strands available for fios use sorry too say. 

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MicheScott you might want to consider going to state board of public utilities if you have one regarding troubles with your DSL service, that might at least help solve your DSL fallouts,  and who knows might open fios option

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