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FiOS Business ARP Bug

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Re: FiOS Business ARP Bug

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As someone alluded to earlier, you can place the VZ router in front of your Sonicwall.  The next step is to use static nat and port forwarding to perform 1:1 mapping of your external ip addresses to private address.  For example, 96.254.x.x ---> 10.254.x.x.  You will lose one external IP address to the VZ Router.  The supplied VZ Router documentation will direct how to setup Static Nat and Port Forwarding.  Hint: Reboot the VZ Router (Advanced Options menu) when you assign IP addresses to the VZ Router.  The VZ Router must own all your external IP addresses.  This work around is being utilized today by some hosting services.  
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Re: FiOS Business ARP Bug

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I've been a FiOS residential user for 2+ years (TV, voice and Internet-DHCP IPs) and FiOS business user (Internet only - static IPs) for nearly a year in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 


Not to be intentionally contrary; however I have not had any difficulty achieving the goal you're attempting.  I don't know what area you're in that is experiencing ARP problems, but DFW is functional.  Ping (ICMP) and ARP are completely different protocols and fill different service needs of an Ethernet/TCP/IP network.  ARP is a very mature Ethernet standard, going back to the SLIP protocols of the 1980s, so I would be surprised if any ISP was not supporting it at some level.


I suggest that you engage a network engineer that is Cisco certified to quickly and successfully implement your solution.  The CCNA and CCNE course work is very rigorous and anyone with these credentials can accomplish your goal on any manufacturers equipment.


My 2 cents, your mileage will vary.




  • Verizon-provided Actiontec router
  • Multiple Cisco/Linksys WRT54G (DD-WRT and OpenWRT-Kamikaze), WRT150n (DD-WRT), WRT600n (DD-WRT) and WRT610n (OEM) routers
        • SonicWall TZ-150 firewall/VPN appliance running standard OS
        • Dynamic DNS service
  • four routed networks supporting Home Media DVR distribution, isolated "kids' network" for teenagers' workstations & PS3, isolated "parents' network" for wife and me, two site-to-site VPNs connecting to redundant office networks using SonicWall AES VPN and OpenVPN
  • SonicWall is operating as an endpoint in the DMZ with backend connectivity to one of the four internal networks


- In the course of nearly 3 years we've had to replace the Actiontec router twice.  In both instances, I swapped out the failing Actiontec with one of the Cisco/Linksys WRT54G units, reconfigured it for standard WAN/LAN operation and maintained solid Internet service until the replacement Actiontec device arrived.

- The only services unavailable during these two events was VOD and Pay-Per-View; I was able to configure the necessary FiOS VOD port triggers but the over-the-counter routers do not have coax connectivity.




  • NO Verizon-provided router
  • SonicWall TZ-210w firewall/VPN appliance running enhanced OS


- The Verizon install tech used the Westell FiOS router to smoke test the service from our demarc to the ONT; however we removed the device as he drove out of the parking lot and replaced it with the SonicWall TZ-210w.  Verizon maintains "backdoor" access to their routers that require no notification to or approval from the end-user when accessed.  Moderately acceptable for the average home user to enable Verizon support to remotely correct problems.  Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE for a business and creates immediate PCI:DSS and HIPPA compliance failure for businesses that accept credit card payments or medical information.

- The SonicWall has been operating flawlessly providing filtered Internet access for our internal services, site-to-site VPN tunnels between office locations & 3rd party customer sites.




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