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FiOS Gigabit Service Pulling 190Mbps down at the ONT

FiOS Gigabit Service Pulling 190Mbps down at the ONT

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I've recently upgraded to gigabit service and am experiencing an issue with the service.  I have only been able to pull down, at most, 250Mbps during off peak hours.


I have the Verizon ONT set up with Cat 6 to my Ubiquiti Security Gateway, connected by Cat 6 to the Ubiquiti Switch, with more Cat 6 to the Ubiquity LR AP.

Over the USG, I show speeds around 185Mbps down, which is comparable to the speeds I get if I connect directly to the ONT via Ethernet and run speed tests there.

Verizon's tech support suggests they can't guarantee full speed unless I use their gateway, which is akin to Chevrolet telling me that can't guarantee I can drive 65mph on the highway unless I use their preferred highways.

Other info:  I have data only service; my ONT is already configured for access over Ethernet (no dealing with that coax jack, since I don't need MOCA).

Any ideas on what to check here?  Verizon says the connection looks good at the ONT and the outside box.

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You have to test to speedtest.verizon.net

Verizon (like other ISPs) only guarantee speeds as access to their network.

Verizon says you have to use their router as they can't guarantee performance with other hardware.

I have seen posts where people have complained about poor speeds.
Then they upgraded a driver or made other changes and their performance improved.

Verizon has no way of diagnosing an issue with hardware they are unsure of.

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Contributor fightinglight
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L3 doesn't tell my company that they can't guarantee the speed at the demarc just because I put in a Barracuda instead of a SonicWall.


Data Communications isn't that hard.  I have gigabit equipment connected with gigabit link speeds and Verizon needs to offer more than the idea that their magic gateway is what makes the WAN fast.  That's patently false.


The only thing that ActionNet device does that other Enterprise equipment might not do is support MOCA, which I don't need without a TV subscription.


We've got to stop cutting ISPs slack.  I don't want support on my own network equipment.  I need support on how my WAN isn't pulling speeds on any device, including their own gateway, that I should be experiencing.

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I wasn’t going to chime in on your post and the other replyer but just a few suggestions or points to ponder.


when you use cable internet there are approved modems you can purchase to use on their service and for the most part they function and if you run into a problem cable support has the proper troubleshooting screens to follow to assist you.

fios does not offer this for free. They have a service for $10 extra to assist outside of their branded routers. They are not obligated outside of their own to help you.


secondly Verizon guarantees “speeds up to 940/880” the word here us “up to” so that upto could mean almost any speeds. 


if support states they show the up to speeds from their server to your local ONT then it’s obvious it’s something in your mish mosh of equipment setup. 


By the way unless you have a Verizon router somewhere in the mix you cannot use the Verizon Fios speed test. Yes it’s just a ploy to make more money. But you are playing by verizons rules.


did you just use a Verizon router as Fios server-ONT-ethernet to Verizon router?

if not borrow one if you can then go here 



And see if the speeds are there. Now if after using their router you are showing lower than advertised call 1-800-VERIZON and have their engineers check your provisioned speed. However if Fios said that they can see the speed up to the ONT then it’s safe to say it’s in your equipment setup. Or system settings.


lastly a speed test from speedtest.net or go.net and many other outside Test sites will not show the same results as in a closed network speed test from Verizon.

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Gold Contributor VII
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I have a Ubiquity Edge router and a Ubiquity AC Lite and I usually get hardwired speeds of 700 or more using Ookla Speedtest. So you should definitely get more than 250 mbps. One thing to try out is using different servers. If you always use the “optimal server” you might not get the speed due to the fact that those server cannot handle the gig. 

When you plug directly into the ONT what speedtest sites do you try? Do you try different servers?

Contributor fightinglight
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That was my take on it, too.  




I'm happy to say my 15 years of experience in information systems didn't lead me wrong: the problem was, like I suspected, not my equipment.  


After a couple chats with Verizon, they sent reset commands to the ONT and confirmed the provisioned speed, they also send some telcom magic to the equipment down at the demarc.  


Suddenly, a laptop connected by CAT6a to the ONT could pull 900Mbps down and over 800Mbps up on Verizon's speed test and very nearly the same thing down on fast.com.

To think, if I'd been a less tech savvy customer, they'd have probably convinced me to go back to using that buggy G1100.

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Yep, I agree that most of us here are pretty tech saavy and it certainly looks like a provisioning issue of some sort.  I am getting 339/268 and about the same on my entire network which is CAT6 wired.  So it's not us ! 😉


I am waiting on a call from them now to discuss provisioning.  I don't really expect 940/870, but should be much more than what I am getting.   I have tested 100 different ways and same result.


Funny thing is, months ago when I first got Gigabit, I was getting close to the advertised speeds and not much has changed on my end.  I bet they are either not fully provisioning for this speed, or they're playing games because of the number of the people with Gigabit not.  I cancelled Gigabit months ago because of cost, but now I got it back because cost is better.  So something changed on their end between them and myself.


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