FiOS Internet + TWC CableCard?

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FiOS Internet + TWC CableCard?

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Hello. Not sure if this is the right place but I wasn't sure where else it fit. I currently have Verizon FiOS for cable & internet but am considering switching my cable only back to TWC. 

Does anyone have a setup like this where internet & cable are from 2 different providers? Can I just get a new act & cablecars from TWC and put it in the TiVO to provision? Or do I need TWC to actually come out and do something? The FiOS cable that comes into the house is split - one goes into the TiVO and one goes to the giant FiOS box on the wall. 

Anyway, if anyone else has experience with this, any info would be greatly appreciated. 

If you're wondering why I am doing this: 
TWC internet is just awful in our neighborhood which is why I switched as soon as FiOS became available. But FiOS cable doesn't have NY1 and I miss Pat Kiernan & the morning team. Other New Yorkers will understand this. haha. But also, FiOS is blocking access to YES Network on the FOX Sports Go app for some reason. I watch a lot of baseball and being able to watch local games on mobile is a HUGE deal now that MLB is allowing it through certain means. But FiOS blocks that access. Boo.


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Re: FiOS Internet + TWC CableCard?

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You can do that no issue.

But you wil probably pay more as providers bundle TV and Internet together to give you a cheaper price.

But it may depend on what type of discounts you can get from TWC.

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Re: FiOS Internet + TWC CableCard?

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You can certainly do this. 


See if you can find your TWC Point of Enterance. If you don't have one, TWC will need to come out to install a drop for you. If they do stop by, they can assist with separating your coaxial network to ensure Verizon's signals don't bleed onto TWC's coaxial network. If they don't, simply ensure the connection between your FiOS router and Verizon's ONT have no physical connection up to anything that touches Time Warner Cable's network.


While you're at it, I'd say get your ONT switched from Coax to Ethernet for the WAN connection just to ensure there won't be any cross between the two providers.

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