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FiOS Internet & Google WiFi

FiOS Internet & Google WiFi

Copper Contributor HalliganHook
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Hello All,


I just purchased Google WiFi and setup the mesh network in my house.  I have Internet access via the Google WiFi, but I am having connectivity issues with the STB's.  I read through previous threads in this forum and elsewhere on the Internet and followed all the instructions.  Basically, the STB's have no Internet connectivity and cannot play OnDemand, update the channel guide, etc. 


Here is my setup:

>> I have FiOS Internet 50/50mb, TV and phone.  

>> I have the Ethernet connection enabled on my ONT. (VZN enabled it for me today)

>> I own an Actiontec MI424WR Rev.1 wireless router.



And this is how I have things currently wired:

FiOS ONT (Ethernet) > Google WiFi > 8-port Switch > FiOS Router (WAN)


My Google WiFi router feeds an 8-port switch that is connected to devices throughout my house.  I have an ethernet wire going from the 8-port switch into the WAN on the MI424WR router. Nothing besides that single ethernet wire are going into the MI424WR router. According to the "Using your own router" article posted in this forum, that's how it's supposed to be wired to prevent STB issues.



I have WiFi disabled on the MI424WR router.  Does DHCP also need to be disabled on the MI424WR?  I had initially disabled DHCP but when I tested out the STB's I experienced the connectivity issues and thought that maybe it needed to stay on to feed the STB's.


Also, weirdly, the MoCA light on my ONT is no longer lit.


Any help is much appreciated.

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This is related to your question via link above. Not the photo in the help FAQ



And this link is for more options. The part you want is section 3 




Good Luck

Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
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It's possible that the Verizon router and Google router have same IP (

So DHCP can be disabled in the MI424WR but the router's IP has to be changed to something other than

When you log in to the router go to My Network/Network Connections/Network (Home/Office)/Settings/IP Address and change to say scroll down and Apply>  

Now upon doing this you will have to open up a new browser and go to to get back into the MI424WR. Probably will have to reboot STBs  

Lastly the MOCA light is now out because your WAN connection is now on ethernet  and not MOCA. 

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