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FiOS Quantum Gateway Router - Intermittent Dropped Connections

FiOS Quantum Gateway Router - Intermittent Dropped Connections

Contributor EGtech
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I've been having the same problems described above by mark - intermittent but persistent instances of connections timed out or reset, with no indication on the router itself that there's any problem with the network or wireless (happens with both wired/wireless connections anyway).


GuardianHope, I found the old thread you were referring to regarding the Gateway's DHCP issues and your suggestion to set static IPs for individual devices to possibly avoid the problem. Can you help with a little more detail on that process? Is it just a matter of putting the TCP/IP settings on the device (at the moment, a mid-2012 MacBook Pro and an iPhone 5s) to a static address, or is there something in the router settings I would have to change as well?


Thanks for putting so much effort into diagnosing this issue - I *know* if I try to go through Verizon support they're just going to send me a new Gateway, which seems pretty clearly not the issue since the one I have is brand-new and others are reporting the same problem.

Contributor bullwinkle75
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I am having the same problems. The droppages are occurring on multiple wireless devices. Android and iOS Included. First let me qualify that I am anot IT professional with over 20 years experience and have some experience setting up and managing commercial wireless networks.  I am not a fan of the FIOS Quantum Wireless Gateway.  The first noticeable difference between it and it's predecessors is that thereally are NO external antennas.antennas . I don'the care what anyone says, internal antennas are never as good as external antennas. My problems have been completely associated with my Wirelease not the wired side. Also notice that Verizon sells and is pushing the Range Extender if you have low signal droppages issues. It costs as much as I paid for the gateway. Additionally,  please be aware that with wireless in general the higher the speed the less distance you get for that higher connection speed.  I am sure that Verizon is aware and as has been sated by several of you will stonewall acknowledging they are aware. I fear the only answer may be to relocate your gateway to a more central location closers to the most popular usage areas are, and trying the range extender. Which I plan on trying. Good luck all, most of us know that Cox, Charter and most of the other providers are not much better.

Contributor AnyScrnNameWork
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Been having the same issue and I'm usually sitting right next to the Verizon gateway device.  


I gave up calling them about any technical issues at this point where the issue continues indefinitely without resolution.  They usually tell me updates are coming and to be patient.  For the last year, I've been downgrading and completely stopped using Quantum because of the issues with the router and the media center devices.  


I hard reset the Verizon gateway each week, sometimes multiple times a week as I found this has helped reduce some of the disconnection instances with WiFi and the strange intermittent slow to-a-drag connections that randomly occur.


Again, usually right next to the gateway device.


However, when the Wifi is working, things are moving right along.  I guess since that is the majority of the time, the issues remain to be resolved.

Contributor jcwashington
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I was having the same frequent outages (and also slow upload speed) as described in this thread.  I tried replacing the G1100 router twice to no avail.   Fios techs came on site and resolved both issues with a solution I haven't seen in this thread or others, so thought I'd share.


1.) Replaced the coax splitter.  Despite having only two Fios services (TV and internet), I previously had a 1:3 splitter (with a cap on the unused third splitter port) rather than a 1:2 splitter.  Even with the cap, signal strength was being lost through the unused third port.  The splitter may have also been defective.  The technician replaced the 1:3 splitter with a 1:2 splitter.


2.) Replaced splitter inside the wall.  In my apartment there is a white wall panel - after removing the panel you can see where the single coax line from the ONT located in the basement splits into 4 coax lines that lead to the 4 coax jacks in my house.  I am using only one of those wall jacks for my TV and G1100 router.

Problem 1:  the technician found that an old Digimax 1:4 cable tv/internet splittler was installed in the wall (perhaps the previous owner of the apartment had cable rather than Fios).  The technician said that a Fios splitter is required, not a cable splitter.

Problem 2: Because I'm only using 1 of 4 coax jacks in my house, I don't even need a splitter.  So the tech installed a "bridge" that connected the coax from the ONT directly to the coax leading to the one wall jack that I use.


Prior to this fix I was experiencing outages every few minutes.  When it worked, I got 50mb download but only 5mb upload for a 50/50 plan.  After the fix I am getting 57mb download, 65mb upload, and no outages.


Hope this is helpful.

Contributor Joe789
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Upgraded to Fios Quantum Gateway router two days ago.  The speed is great but reliability is terrible.  Phones and tablets drops off the wifi and have to be manually reconnected. This is happening several times a day.  Spoke with a tech and he said it was my phones/tablets.  Right, the only thing that changed was the router.  Any ideas out there?  Verizon is no help.

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I use a phone, so does my wife (both Android).

And we each have a tablet with no issue.

If you have an adroid device, download an app called wifi analyzer.

It will help you determine if there is an issue with your wifi performance.

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Contributor ImaginationMan
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Same problem here.  Internet has worked fine for years with no problem.  Only within  the last week or so has it started dropping.  I thought it was my old WR modem just wearing out or something plus it's about time for an upgrade anyway so I upgraded to brand new Gateway modem/router/ONT and the internet connection still drops about every 1 to 2 hours.   Both white lights on front stay on even when connection terminates.  I reboot and connection/speed is fine again, but then it goes out again within an hour or two.  Spoke with verizon rep for about an hour on the phone and they tried different commands/pings etc but it's still going out every so often.   Tech is supposed to come by next week.   We'll see if they can do anything but I doubt the problem is anything physical.

Contributor Mora20164
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I am one of countless that has the same problem with windows Itunes to TV apple 4th generation.  So, I have an apple laptop and when it's on, I have NO issues with the connection to Mac to Quantum then TV.   It's WIndows that has the issue.  I believe it's the Bonjour side of the connection on my server.   Now the question is:  What's causing the issue?   has anyone in this forum figured out a solution?

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I just replaced my actiontec rev f router with a brand new FiOS Quantum Router.

My intial start and restart drops intermittent on my Linux, HP printer, and Windows.

SO, last night I figured out a way to reduce the burden on the Router with to changes.

This does not directly fix the drops but appears to improve my Router.

System Settings: enter

1. Configure number of concurrent users that can be logged into the router: 10

2. Auto WAN Detection 
DHCP TIMEOUT: 6000 Seconds  
THAT should reduce the router burden and reduce my drop rate. (I ThinK)
It seems to help.
Try the two setting changes and tell me if you have any Luck?


Contributor ben32
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What actually is happening here is that the Gateway Router is dropping off the Verizon network and therefore losing its IP Adress.  in my case, the support per tried to send a release/renew command to the router.  She said that it accepted the command but did not respond.  that did not make sense as once the router loses it's IP Address it will not send or receive at all.  The only real solution the I have not is to unplug the power to the router for 2 hours.  that is the time it takes the network to recognize the router as a new device and give it a new IP Adress. it is a manual release/renew process.

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