FiOS Quantum Gateway for $99.99

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Re: FiOS Quantum Gateway for $99.99

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Not happy about paying 99.99 for a router that should be provided free, as has been until recently. Verizon=GREED.

Actually only pre Rev. i models were provided to customers to "borrow". Nothing was ever "free". The Rev. i was also being sold for $99 and there was no way around that until recently with the release of the new Gateway where they do offer free upgrades to the rev. i in most cases. How is it greed when they have to pay for each router (more then what they are charging customers) themselves? They have to make money back somehow...unless you'd rather pay higher prices for fios in general. If you ran a business and gave things away for free to millions of customers that you spent money on you'd be out of business in no time.

Also, you don't have to buy it. You can rent it currently for $6.99 a month or get your own 3rd party router. The Rev. i is all that is required for quantum tv. The gateway isn't required for anything.


I have a rev I

I not paying rental, neither did I buy it.


In reality I think the ancient Westell 910EM it replaced was a better router.



Always were some ways to get them free.  And some free upgrades even now, e.g. if you go to higher speeds or get Quantum TV.  If a installer had nothing else he would give you whatever he had during and install or repair.  Yes some have even reported getting free G1100. 

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Re: FiOS Quantum Gateway for $99.99

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Love your footer!  First to get me 1GB/s D/l and  heck ill take snail speed uploads if i have too... but im assuming that wont happen anytime soon.... ITs the only "MONOPOLY" in the country... they set prices, speeds!  Wait! Google is going to swallw them up... ATT is putting gigabit in here... hopefully at google prces.

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