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FiOS customers w/ odd outages in nyc, nj, baltimore, dc, dallas, florida, la, atlanta, n. carolina

FiOS customers w/ odd outages in nyc, nj, baltimore, dc, dallas, florida, la, atlanta, n. carolina

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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i do not know what to do. the FCC needs to get in on this.

@dipaola wrote:

I am still experiencing this problem and its not getting better.


I cant connect to apple servers and my internet connection is now intermittent...going up and down every couple hours....


FIOS, will you please help us resolve this.


I am already thinking of switching to ComCast and your lack of support on this will only push me to switch to ComCast.

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I am from the Boston, MA area and it extremely frustrating to always have my connection drop. It's always around 7:30 to 10:30 est for me when I noticed the static drop in my connection. I know it's Verizon fios because everybody I talk to that have this issue at the same time also has fios as well while the people with Comcast are perfectly fine. Please look into this and fix this issue Verizon.
Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Comcast actually has more complaints about this problem in general.  That's not to say that your issue isn't real or deserves attention, but I've had Comcast and their message board had significantlymore complaints than this one.  The FCC rates and tests all the network operators and Fios is always at the top.  



Is your issue happening on wired devices and sites it ever affect your VOD?



Also apple fixed that problem last week. So that shouldn't be an issue anymore.

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Count us as well. This problem has been affecting us for a while now. The internet will just randomly go out in the middle of the night, sometimes up to 3 hours at a time. The WAN stays connected, but all packets get dropped. The only solution is to use a VPN during the outage. The outage is so bad that NO website will respond, whatsoever. When the internet is working, we get packet loss between 5-30 and sometimes up to 40%.

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