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Fios: 0.2 upload speed, escalated to Verizon Tier 2

Fios: 0.2 upload speed, escalated to Verizon Tier 2

Contributor abcgary
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My upload speeds have been non-existent for over a week.  The issue has been escalated to Fios Tech Tier 2.  To date they have:


1) Replaced router

2) Checked internal wiring

3 Replaced ONT


Today, I received word that the "PON Card has been replaced at the Central Office."  


Anyone have any ideas what could possibly be wrong???? 

Employee Employee
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Are you still experiencing slow speeds since the PON card was replaced?



Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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same thing here, although it's been much better recently. we had two techs visit and the second one was supposed to be calling tier 2 to reset the PON card here but he instead blew it off repeatedly asking me why i needed the upload speed, what i was uploading, where i was uploading. he also stated they won't do anything with the PON card because it costs thousands of dollars. all that is irrelevant. the verizon speed test site was clearly showing constant random values for the upload, between 1 and 63, spiking up and down widly throughout the day. how did you get them to do anything with the PON card? they replaced the ONT twice and the router, and the tech even went so far as to want to switch us from ethernet to coax. how is any of that going to fix the problem that is obviously outside the house? this is what the 2 hour long chat conversation was for. have tech show up, call up from his phone and speak with local CO and diagnose the problem from there. but they never want to do that. they just want to get to the next customer and close that ticket as quick as they can. the very last person that was here even went so far as to say we were the last house for him that day and he was home free after us. says a lot about how much they love their job

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