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Fios GB speeds without the quantum gateway g1100? I can't do it via ONT ethernet help!!

Fios GB speeds without the quantum gateway g1100? I can't do it via ONT ethernet help!!

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-Ubiquiti EdgeMax EdgeRouter Lite ERLite-3 

-UniFi AC LR Access point

-I-211m-L ONT

-fios g1100 gateway router


"Fios GB speeds" with the triple bundle/dvr and two extenders.


Today I got fios installed and well im getting average speeds of 800/900 mpbs using the fios g1100 gateway router. However if i renew my lease and switch over to the ONT to my  Edge router via ethernet I only get an average of 105/110 mpbs speeds! I cant comprehend why? my whole house is gb wired and i didnt have these issues with comcast but then again i wasnt getting GB speeds with comcast which is why I just switched to verizon but I want my router to be in control doing dhcp and all my routing needs! please help 


my ONT is hooked up to the g1100 gateway router via both moca (coax) and ethernet I am thinking that maybe the ONT ethernet cant push gb speeds? and that the only way to achieve these gb speeds is via the g1100 gateway?


I would like to completly get rid of the fios g1100 gateway router if possible! Still have full TV/VOD/GUIDE etc etc I also have an Router Actiontec MI424WR Rev I laying around.










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The ONT's ethernet port can most certainly handle the gigabit speed. 


I've setup countless Edgerouter-X's on FiOS connections before, in the same configuration as you. Granted, the Edgerouter-Lites are different from the Edgerouter-X's, but it should still easily be able to handle that throughput. This is truly a strange problem, I can't seem to re-create it. 


If you don't mind me asking, whats the current configuration of the edgerouter lite like? If at all possible, reset the ER-L to factory settings, as there may be some existing QoS rules that are messing with the WAN speed. After reading some Ubiquiti forums, there could be a few settings that could possibly be tweaked (source: https://community.ubnt.com/t5/EdgeMAX/Edgerouter-Lite-slow-internet-speed/td-p/1266606)


set system offload ipv4 pppoe enable

There are also a few other suggestions around the ubiquiti forums. But I can confirm, this isn't a Verizon issue, it has to be something with the ER-L.

Regarding using the current G1100 as a bridge to the set top boxes, you seem like a pretty tech savvy guy, so I'll give you the proper tech savvy way of doing it. Heres my technical notes:



This process basically configures the Verizon router as a dumb MoCA bridge (what the set top boxes use), and their DHCP and everything is handled by your router. 


My post was made for the older Actiontec routers, but the process is the same for the G1100, just with a slightly different looking GUI. (Or alternatively, use your spare Aciontec and send back the G1100!)

Contributor gonzo
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so last night i figured out it was in fact my (ME) Edge router because I had it configured to do two lan ports and it was slowing up the router. I reconfigured it and im finally getting my advertised speeds but now im stuck without fios video on demand and will be trying to figure out how to go about bridging one of those routers. I will read your link below regarding getting either fios router to be a dumb bridge. I do have both the new gateway and the older actiontech hopefully one of the two gets my video on demand working.



Contributor gonzo
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Thank you for the guidance. Maybe you can help further Smiley Happywell i followed your steps with the actiontec and set the router to bridge mode. My DVR and two cable boxes now have access to Video on demand but it seems like there is a few thigs to work out. 


so I guess trying to access my dvr cable box from my desktop is no good. 




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Silver Contributor III
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Ahhhhh yes, the remote DVR. I keep forgetting Verizon added that.


Unfortunately that is a sacrafice that has to be made when using your own router. I wish Verizon would have chosen to make it as simple as a port forward, but instead they opted to have a randomized port be used every time (which actualy is probably better for security). 


If that feature is really crucial to you then I am sorry, it can't be used with your own router Smiley Sad


On a side note, do you have any feedback on that document I made regarding the steps to convert the old Verizon routers into MoCA bridges? Please do let me know if you have any comments about it, I'm trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone to do. 

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so you use your own router with no effect to your TV guide .VOD  etc?

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