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Fios Gateway Router G1100 and VoIP Issues

Fios Gateway Router G1100 and VoIP Issues

Contributor AnnaKRB
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I've had Fios for almost two years, and have had the same router (Gateway G1100).  I use a VoIP program (Bria 4) on my laptop - this is my primary business line.  I've never had an issue with it, not until this past January.  Suddenly, my calls starts going in and out - brief, half-second losses of sound every 30-60 seconds.  Makes phone calls pretty tiresome.  My IT team thinks Verizon issues some sort of a firmware / router upgrade around mid-late Janjary that likely affected my VoIP - from my calls with Verizon, it looks like that might be accurate.  Regardless, no one has been able to come up with a solution for me.  We tried custom port forwarding.  My IT provider told me to disable SIP ALG on the router, but the Gateway does not allow for this.  Verizon router support suggesting bridging the Verizon router using a regular router, but I tried this today to no avail.  I am very close to switching to another provider, because this is really affecting my work.  Any ideas?

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Try placing the IP address for the VoIP in DMZ this may help or solve your issue.

although many people believe placing anything in DMZ opens up your network to attack this is false. 


1) Assign a static IP to your VOIPo adapter in your router

2) Enable port forwarding and forward the following port ranges to the new static IP. Make sure to forward the entire range of ports and not just the first and last port.

5004 – 65000 (UDP)

3) If your router has a SIP ALG option i recommend disabling this.

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.
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Bronze Contributor II
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GaryDM - What's the result?


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Hi glnz2,


Escalations are private between the customer and the support agents. Moderators are not involved in support cases once they have been escalated.

Contributor Tinman517
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I have my G1100 sitting in the box because of this issue and continue to use my older ActionTec router.


Verizon - PLEASE add an option to disable SIP alg.  My OBI200 refuse to work properly with the G1100.

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Bronze Contributor II
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AnnaKRB - What's the result?

Contributor SteveV703
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I am relieved to see others having the exact same issue with the exact same setup. 


Does anyone have some information on a resolution to this issue? 

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Bronze Contributor II
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Anna KRB and Gary DM - What happened here?  Vz should NOT be interfering with ANY use of the internet, most especially competing voice providers.  It would be hard to think of a more direct and obvious violation of antitrust laws.


Others - in my wife's mini-office (not Verizon FIOS), I had a similar problem, and I solved it by putting a switch (a $19 TP-Link TL-SG105) in front of the router and connecting that switch to the landlord's mini-office network, the router's WAN socket and the Obihai 200 (three ethernet cables). 
In the case of Verizon FIOS, the equivalent setup would be plugging the ethernet cable from the ONT into the switch and also plugging the ethernet cables from the G1100 Router's WAN socket and the Obihai 200 into the switch. 
However, I do NOT know that this would work for Verizon FIOS, and it may be that the ONT will be unhappy if it "sees" both the G1100 Router and the Obihai 200.  Indeed, if the ONT does not itself have DHCP, this probably won't work.
There are numerous posts in this forum and on DSL Reports about what you can connect to the ONT and alternate connections among the ONT, G1100 and other routers/switches, and you should check those.  And I am just a lawyer, not an IT tech.  But maybe something along these lines would work.

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Not sure about the other peices, but you can't put a switch between ONT and router wan port. ONT is configured to only support DHCP to a single device.

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