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Fios Gateway Router Partition between 2.4 and 5g Bands?

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Fios Gateway Router Partition between 2.4 and 5g Bands?

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I have recently purchased a Brother MFC-J480DW all in one printer (wireless as well). 

My issue is the printer is only 2.4ghz capatible and doesnt even recognize the 5G option. The Fios Gateway router is dual band 2.4 and 5ghz. All of my devices are connected to the 5ghz option on the router, but the problem is I am not able to print wirelessly unless I switch my computer/iphone to the 2.4ghz, then it recognizes the printer. Is there a way I can make it so the two bands are not seperate? 

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Re: Fios Gateway Router Partition between 2.4 and 5g Bands?

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test the following;  can you print from your iphone 2.4 to the printer

when your wifi and ethernet are unavailable?   

you see a lot of printers have their own built in wifi router like functions

that work independent of your isp's wifi.


assuming that's the case here, you'd need to disable the wifi in the printer,

ethernet wire it to your router, reserve a static ip for that printer so dhcp

local lan does not keep changing it, then print from your iphone to that

static ip on your wifi - then it won't matter which 2.4 or 5.0 you are on.

what's nice about doing it the "hard way" is your wifi channels will be less

cluttered, something i'm sure you and your neighbors will appreciate.

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Re: Fios Gateway Router Partition between 2.4 and 5g Bands?

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The wifi enabled on the Brother will work only if the PRINTER can use 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz.


the routers wifi network will assign the proper one. Just as many devices cannot use the 5 Ghz. The network will jump to the 2.4 Ghz this is how the network works.

i have two printers a canon and a new Epson and after the initial setup via the hard USB cable it will grab the correct wavelength. Nothing to do with my neighbors and my wifi is secular to my own home. My wifi password is all that gains access.


yes their can be general wifi overlap signal in the immediate area but not that will affect a closed network already established.


after your printer is set up by the instructions the printer should have no issue connecting to any device that has the ability to use wifi/air printing.


to give you an example I have a friend that when I am on his wifi he gave me a password to use it. When my iPad or iPhone or any device capable of using his network 

if I need to print I just click print and I can see his printer and I simply select it.

it then prints. No driver is needed for the devices.

however if you are trying to print from a laptop or desktop you need to go to the printer manufacturer web site and download the printer driver only to be able to print from the device. It just works after you select the correct network on your setup. It makes no difference what band it is on.


don't jump through hoops for nothing.


Good Luck


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