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Fios Quantum Gateway Router - weak Wifi signal strength

Fios Quantum Gateway Router - weak Wifi signal strength

Contributor themachinestops
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Earlier this month I posted about a weak WIFI signal (on my iPhone 6) after a minor service upgrade that included getting the FIOS Quantum Gateway router. In my particular case, I believe I've gotten to the root cause and it's NOT the router.


Bottom line is that after going back to my old Actiontec router, the issue persisted. I finally traced it down to a hardware issue on my iPhone after Googling "iPhone6 Weak WIFI". If the phone is bent slightly through dropping, sitting-on, etc the WIFI antenna can be damaged. I was able to verify this by torquing the phone gently and getting full signal strength back.


I hope this information is of some help (and applicability) to others on this forum.

Contributor Chlmail
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Solved?  How can this be marked solved?  One person found that the antenna was bent on his iPhone -- it doesn't seem this was this issue or solution for the other posts...


I, too, ungraded to the VZ gigabit router deal with the promise it would have better range and speed.  Hard to tell if it's faster, because you can't ever connect to the darn thing.  Literally can't connect any device unless right near the router, even on the same floor, much less upstairs, downstairs,  on the deck, or anywhere -- you get the idea.  Why am I paying more for this?  Why is it impossible to get a VZ person on the phone?  And the solution is to by multiple additional devices to boost the signal.  I am so disappointed in this whole Verizon experience. 

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Try posting to the above link. They seem to be pretty good for Verizon help issues.

the reason why it's marked as solved is because the original poster took the answer as solving their issues.


now if you feel that answer does not meet your situation then start your own help thread.



Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Do you have the issue both on 2.4 and 5 GHz channels?

Have you tried installing an android app called  wifi analyzer?

It can help you determine if there is interference as well as tell you what level the wifi is being received at.

If you have to be that close, I suspect that either you have itnerference or maybe your router is defective.

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Contributor davidastronomy
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I have the same problem.  The Quantum Gateway router has weak WiFi.  I had to buy a WiFi extender and even with that, there is a portion of my house where the WiFi doesn't work.  My house is not that large either.

Contributor jimmyolsen
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Let's not beat around the bush.  The Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway router is an inferior product for the many reasons already mentioned.  I've been a Fios customer for 11 years and this router is my first real problem with FIOS.  Its poor quality led me to purchase the Actiontec MI424WR Rev. I router which has much more range and better signal quality.

Contributor JayS
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After "upgrading" to Quatum gateway router, I started to see random wifi signal drops.  It happened that I just switched to a new phone which supported wifi+, meaning that the OS will choose the stronger one between wifi and the cell signal. I saw it switching to  cell/t-mobile very often inside my house, when I was only about 20 feet away from the router.   I thought it was phone's problem, so I turned off wifi+. Then I realized that every now and then, the wifi signal dropped to one bar.  I am living in a house on 5 acre land, so no other wifi noises.  Then I  paid attention to my  laptops, mife's phone, etc. all have this random weakening of wifi signals.   really weired. 

Copper Contributor btimm
Copper Contributor
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The information provided is not a solution so can you please change the status of this message to "Open"

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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The information provided is not a solution so can you please change the status of this message to "Open"

You are not the original poster, so it would not be up to you to have it reopened. 

You can however start a new thread of your own and then see if the answers provided assist your concerns.


Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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The Quantum router is junk in my opinion. However the WiFi issue can be fixed by the recent firmware update sent out on 2/20/2018 which many now say fixed their WiFi issues.


you could also buy a triband high end router and either use it as an access point with the Verizon router (so as not lose support if you ever need it. Verizon will not support any routers other than their own) then turn off the lesser WiFi on the Quantum off on 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands as well as the guest network. Triband with beamforming technology and mimo technology is far superior to the Quantum Gateway Router 

So there are a few points to think about.


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