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Fios Wireless Connectivity Issues Even After Speed Upgrade and New ONT Install

Fios Wireless Connectivity Issues Even After Speed Upgrade and New ONT Install

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I have had Fios since it was first made available in my area approximately 12 years ago. I have always had certain issues with service but recent wireless connectivity issues are getting out of hand.


For the longest time, I had issues with the 2.4 Ghz frequency dropping out while the 5 Ghz would be fine. The opposite would then happen with the only action being a reset of the router by unplugging. The only TV issue that was noticed was ome pixelation on certain HD channels. I inquired about the problem thinking it was the router but was told that it was likely my connection speed and the ONT that was originally installed with the system being unable to keep up with the number of devices being connected.


I was due for a contract renewal so I went ahead with increasing my plan to 300/300 which would involve a new ONT install. The tech that came in seemed knowledgeable,  and when i explained the issues he indicated that the new install should take care of everything and didnt think the router, at least initially, was the issue. Unfortunately, I'm having the same problem but now its both frquencies seem to be going down despite my trying to optimize the channel selections for my area per recommendations from the tech when he did a scan prior to leaving. I reboot the router and things are fine for a period of time until i notice that my Outlook and Skype statuses are reading "Not Connected" and i've been offline from work.


Does anyone have a similar experience? . . . is this simply the result of a crappy router? . .  is the router likely defective and i need to request a new one? . . . I'm at a loss so any ideas are welcome!!

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First WiFi no matter at what speed tier can only get a fraction of a direct ethernet connection so that being said, Verizon routers are junk when on WiFi. They have internal antennas so not as good as external antennas.


you could try to get a router exchange but the best you could do is simply purchase a higher end router like a Netgear or Asus etc. with external antennas and beam forming and mimo technology. But they are expensive. Since you have tv you could purchase your own router and place it in access point mode, turn off the crappy WiFi on the Verizon router and let that just handle your dhcp connection.


if you go the purchase router route you could buy a MOCA adapter and hook that in and then you would have vod and guide functionality.


then return the Verizon router and save $12 a month.

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Upgrading your ONT doesn't necessarily have any effect on your wireless performance, unfortunately.  The 802.11ac standard used on the 5GHz band has a theoretical maximum of around 1.3 Gbps, but the reality is it's much less. 


Unfortunately, from the comments I've seen on here, the wireless portion of the G1100 seems weak. (That's the router I assume you have. It's the most common one.)  I am using an Asus WRT1900ACS in bridge mode for my wireless access. The goes for about $160 on Amazon. It's overkill to use just as a wireless access point (WAP), but it works very well. Another plus is since the router isn't also serving as the WAP, I can place the WRT1900ACS anywhere to which I can run an Ethernet cable. Mine's in the basement, but in the middle of the house and as close to the ceiling as I could get it. 

[Be nice! We are mostly fellow Verizon customers.
My setup: 75/75 Mbps; Linux router (2x 1Gbps ports) + iptables; Linksys WRT1900ACS in Bridge Mode]
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