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Fios and Blizzard Games

Fios and Blizzard Games

Contributor Lurgsmash
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-21-2018
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Getting the same here, what is up? in northern virginiatrying to play my warcraft

Contributor Swells
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎01-20-2018
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I’ve been having this issue for over 24 hrs now.

Contributor cykj
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-21-2018
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Ended up using a VPN (PIA). Works perfectly. Went from 250-900 ms latency on a gigabit connection to 8-12ms. It pretty much have to do the same thing for youtube on nights/weekends. Again - gigabit internet - and at nights/weekends I HAVE to use a VPN or there's terrible latency/packet loss

Contributor ageske
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-21-2018

There is an east coast latency issue for league of legends. All users with this increase in ping are verizon users as well. Here is a link to the Riot Games' forum: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support/EGjn4bXd-east-coast-latency-issue-verizon


What could cause this and is there any progress being done to fix the problem? At first glance, it does not appear to be Riot Games' at fault considering only Verizon users are affected. Although, I'm not sure. Would appreciate any advice!

Contributor mattt0696
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-22-2018
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I was having issues as well.  Is anyone still having issues. I am in lower virginia and had issues up till yesturday when i got my router replaced. check to see if you are having issues with other internet connections. ie: other video games or wifi drop out and such. 

Contributor c_brunk
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-24-2018
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I have also been having issues. Just outside of Richmond, VA. Cannot connect to reports: Destination net unreachable. This occurs at the third hop and only seems to be affecting Blizzard games and their website. This has been happening since about 19 January 2018. So I have been unable to use the product(s) I have paid for. Could someone from Verizon please respond to this forum to at least acknowledge you know about the issue?

Contributor ShoFly
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-26-2018
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Same issues in Northern VA. Blizzard games have high latency. Ping and Tracert tests to Blizzard IP's and the mentioned League of Legends are terrible. Something is up with Verizon or their backbone.

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