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Fios download speed slow

Fios download speed slow

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A few days ago I've noticed Youtube videos had to buffer a lot, so I went on, I saw my upload speed normal; however, my download speed was 3 Mbps. I tested on wired and wireless giving the same results. I called Verizon and they told me to do the following things: change channels, reset the router, and use the optimizer with no luck. They said it was a router problem and they're sending me a new one. I'm not sure if it's a router problem. Does anyone have any advice on what do do?

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I'm having the same problem along with a friend who also has fios. Are you perhaps in the LA county area? I think the problem might have to do with a certain area. I've tried rebooting the router and resetting the router and it hasn't worked. Pretty frustrating.

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I am also having slow internet connection issue- Sanbernadino County.

I am getting about 2Mbps up and 3mbps down. I have 15/5 plan.

I contacted support - they will send me new router which I doubt to solve the slowness problem.


Anyway, I am stock with slow network connection. Frustrating.



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I think you're right. I live in the LA county, I am really frustrated too about this situation.

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I just got off the phone with support and I'm getting a new router in the mail. I have the actiontec mi424wr, maybe you guys are having trouble with the same one. I'll post again whether or not the new router fixes the problem.

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Greetings! Also a denizen of LA county and I noticed a considerable slow down as well. Much like Supra I noticed that Youtube was incredibly slow in terms of both buffering as well as the fact that it no longer buffered while paused. Also images and web pages were slow to load.


On both wired and wireless connections I am getting around 0.8 mbps to 1.3 mbps download when I should be getting between 21 to 25 mbps, given that I'm paying for 20/5. My upload speed is fine. 


I've called Tech support multiple times and we did everything from tracer tests to factory and network resets, changing channels. I even received a new router with no changes what so ever. And the kicker is, they say to use THEIR speed test on site and it comes back with normal results, but any other site reveals the truth, just not their truth. And thus they said they can only be responsible for their site's results. 

I'll keep an eye on this thread because for it to happen to so many of us at the same time in the same area really does make me believe it's a county issue. 

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Mine has been slow also for the past 2 weeks, at first I thought maybe it was youtube. I was over at my neighbors house and I took my laptop and youtube loaded way faster. He has charter, Same video both on 1080p and with my fios it takes so long to load it I just close the window on his it was instant almost. I get anywhere from 1-5mb down on my 35/35 plan.


Ive tried rebooting the router and resetting it no fix, I am sure its something on verizons side since we are all having issues and my same laptop works perfect on my neighbors wireless.

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Turns out it was my old router, an actiontec mi424wr rev e. I recieved a new one a few days ago and my speeds are back to normal. The new one I'm using is the actiontec mi424wr rev i. I hope this helps.

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Ok, I thought it was just me.  I'm in the Long Beach area and I'm experiencing slow internet speeds also.  I've noticed a dramatic slow down over the last week.  I ran the site and I'm only getting like 1-3mbps download from the LA servers.  Of course the verizon speedtest show the speed I'm supposed to have.  I'm going to request a new router also and hope that does the trick.

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I am in the Long Beach area as well. I just recently received an Actiontec Rev. E and I'm still experiencing massive slow downs. It just frustrates me that tech support says they can't do anything solely because their speed test is showing the correct speeds when performance says otherwise. 


This experience has really soured my thoughts about Verizon's service. Hopefully we all see a change soon.

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