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Fios internet early termination fee even if I move to NON-verizon area

Fios internet early termination fee even if I move to NON-verizon area

Contributor adamg
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Yeah, I'm in the same boat as all these unfortunate people. I'm moving to an area where Verizon isn't available, but they still want me to pay the cancellation fee. There's nothing I can do about it. It's ridiculous.

Contributor Yeddy2007
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Same situation here!!!

I just got off the phone with an escalation supervisor who told me point blank that it was my fault that I have to move, thus I have to pay for cancellation fees since verizon is NOT offering services in my new area. 

First of all I called to have my services transferred to my new address. They couldn't find the address in their system, asked to verify a hundred times, then finally told me that they didn't offer services there. Therefore, I'm responsible for ETF. How fair is that? 


VERIZON, can you explain how it is your customer's fault that you're not capable of offering service in an area and yet the customer has to pay for ETF? Nowhere in the contract does it stipulate that the customer must swear never to move in a NON-VERIZON area.

Contributor captainslow
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I am having the same issue here. Currently have FIOS TV & Internet bundle and I am moving to a Non-FIOS coverage zone. I was told during sign up that I do not need to pay early termination if I moved out of the FIOS availbility area. However now I am being asked to. This is an unfair practice.

Contributor Jprofili
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I'm moving to a non-verizon area and still have time on my contract. When i signed up the lady told me if i moved and verizon was not offered they could waive the early termination fee. I just called to put in the date for canceling my services and they said i still have to pay the fine. It shouldnt matter what the contract says, its bad customer service when youre being fined and the reason is due to the service not being offered. I'll never use verion again even if it is offered. 

Contributor Irratated
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I am really **bleep** off that Verizon charges a long term fils home client with over 20 family members using Verizon an early termination fee when moving to a state that only offers Verizon cell phone plans. If I do not get a resolution to this I am asking all family members to cancel their Verizon account and we too will cancel our order for new cell service in Washington with Verizon. This is really a sad situation as I have been with Verizon since 1990 on eith home service, cell service or both and this is how I am treated! Very, very sad situation. Public be very aware of this!
Contributor acblue308
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I am having the same issue. Their excuse is that since they can provide me with services I should have to pay the early termination fee. However, the services are much worse than what I've signed up for. I specifically signed up for Verizon FIOS and they can't provide that to me. Direct TV and Hi-Speed Internet are not what I signed up for. I tried calling and the customer service I received was so bad I'm thinking about not only canceling my Verizon home services but my Verizon wireless services too.

Contributor Nshouse
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@groove311 wrote:

I called verizon to avoid the termination fee because I'm moving to a NON-verizon area. The agent clearly stated I will be charged a termination fee.


After that, to verify things I chatted with a verizon agent and the following she said:


Sharon(13:22:03): Please call customer service disconnects at (800) 837-4966; you will not be charged an early termination fee if there is not service where you are moving to.


Then, I called verizon again and talked to agent Steve, asked why verizon representatives are telling me different

 things on early termination fees and he says he didn't know why but the policy is that you will be charged a fee even if u move to where there is no service.

I made contract for 2 years and after 1 year I moved to a location where high speed internet of 3mbps is available which is not good for anything like doing job related work or stream videos on multiple devices. I asked POLITELY to the customer representative that I was happy with the service and would love to be customer of Verizon if they provide me fios service. But customer representative said I should either pay early termination fees or take slow speed internet. Why? When I signed up for fios service, sales representative said that if fios is not available it is the fault of Verizon not customer so why I am I being told differently when I try to cancel the service? And Verizon claims to be ranked as no 1 customer service. For what? Reaping off money from people's pocket for no reason. I would say that Comcast is far better than Verizon based on my experience 

Contributor danielhoskins
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I too am having this problem with Verizon Fios. They are not available in the area that I am moving to. I would like to stay with them, but they are not there! I left Verizon Wireless and few years ago when I had moved to an area that I got no service in my house and was charged a termination fee... that is why I am with t-mobile now. I will not go back to a company that charges me a termination fee because their service isn't available. Verizon Fios is now doing the same thing to me. Take a hike verizon, it is no wonder other companies are gaining ground on you. 

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Platinum Contributor III
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A quick google search found a forum thread for Comcast back in 2012 that people were complaining about having to pay an ETF. And DirecTv was mentioned as well.

Only way to avoid an ETF is not sign a contract and go month to month.

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Contributor Picador
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I am in the same situation, signed a contract not expecting to move. Unfortunately, I have to move and after being a customer for more than 6 years and moving to an area with no FIOS they will charge me for the ETF. I contacted Montgomery county and they sent a complaint. The initial contact from Verizon was useless, they just said that they can not waived and they are really sorry, so I'll follow with the county investigator as they are not proposing a solution. I will reach also to the MD Attorney General office to inquire about this matter and the FCC. Plus visiting every single board, blog and place where to share the unfortunate experience. So much for being a loyal customer.

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