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Fix for Vista and FIOS Connection Problems

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Fix for Vista and FIOS Connection Problems

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Not sure if this will help anyone else, but after FIOS was installed at my house, I was unable to get a connection on my Windows Vista laptop (a problem I never had previously with Verizon DSL.) I called Verizon a gazillion times and they even sent 2 technicians out to my house. Needless to say, none of them had the brains to fix the problem. They kept telling me there was something wrong with my computer. I knew they were wrong. So, I spent about 20 minutes myself playing around until I fianlly fixed the problem. (just a note: I used to have a program called TREND Micro - awful program so if you have it, get rid of it. It might be another reason why you are not getting a conection.)


This is what I did to get my connection working perfectly:


Control Panel (From "Classic View") go to:

Network and Sharing Center

Right Click on Wireless Network Connection (this is your FIOS wireless connection)

Click on Status

Click on Wireless Properties

UNCHECK "Connect to a more prefered network if available"


And presto -  I had a connection!


Hope this helps!!



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Re: Fix for Vista and FIOS Connection Problems

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Hi, I assume this is your wireless connection. Are you sure it's your network you are connected to and not a neighbors? Did you enter your WEP key when you connected?

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Re: Fix for Vista and FIOS Connection Problems

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Yes, I am definitely connected to my own wireless connection  - and I did enter the WEP key. I am somewhat savvy (self taught) when it comes to computers so I am certain I am not connected to anyone else's connection. That I do know.


Again, not sure if my fix will help anyone else, but prior to the steps above, I could not get any connection at all. In fact, what is even more strange is that I even hard-lined it, but that wouldn't allow me to connect either. The steps above turned out to be the solution.




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Re: Fix for Vista and FIOS Connection Problems

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Hopefully that will work for some others. but Vista has so many wireless problems that its pathetic. Thats why Microsoft pulled support for it, and moving to Windows 7.

I had a similar problem. What I had to do was to turn off the Vista wireless auto tuner. That solved my wireless issue.


If anyone is interested in this solution it is...


Vista wireless settings

To turn off the connection tuning, open a command window with elevated privileges; this is done by going to the start menu and typing cmd, but instead of hitting Enter to launch the command window, Control + Shift + Enter.

Once the command window opens, type the following and hit Enter:

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disable

After the command prompt comes back, you need to reboot for these changes to take effect

Unfortunatly there is no telling what will work. My wireless problem happened  on all routers. Didnt matter what service it was connected to or what kind of router. Thats the problem with wireless. There are just too many factors to take into consideration. That is why all ISP say that they will not support wireless connectivity beyond a very limited set of circumstances. Verizon's is 10 feet or line of site, which ever is less.  SBC Global (my old ISP) would not support wireless at all, if the computer wasnt wired, they would not even talk to me about internet connection.


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