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Fixed IP address

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How do I request a fixed IP address?  I keep having location issues with Playstation Vue and they suggested this would fix it.

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@TMG wrote:

How do I request a fixed IP address?  I keep having location issues with Playstation Vue and they suggested this would fix it.

Call 1-800-VERIZON and switch over to business class service. I believe there are increased costs.

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I used to have Verizon Business Fios. It's quite a bit more expensive. First, there is both Verizon Business Fios with a dynamic IP address (which is more or less equivalent to what you have now) and Verizon Business Fios with a static IP address. I also doubt this will fix your issue with PlayStation Vue. I had that for nearly a year when I just got fed up with the frequent video stuttering and freezing. Yours sounds like depending on which IP you get dynamically, they think you are someplace else. That's a problem with their IP-to-geographic location mapping scheme (which are always a bit flakey).


You can see the basic plans here. Click on the Learn more link under the type of service you want (probably Fios Business Internet) to get the starting prices for each level (i.e., speed) of service. The prices quoted are for dynamic IP addresses. To see the cost for fixed IP addresses, click on the Customize & order button. On the left, there is a pull-down menu with the choices of Dynamic IP Address (the default) and Static IP Address.  You can also choose to have a two-year contract or no contract.


Speed (Down / Up - Mbps)Dynamic (2-year)Dynamic (no contract)Static (2-year)Static (no contract)


The prices quoted for 500/500 and 940/880 were the same at this time. I believe that is due to a promotion that ends on 11/14/2018. The bottom line is the price with no contract is $5 - $10 more per month depending on the speed and a static IP address is $20 more per month.


That's the price for new business customers. (Transferring from residential to business Fios should qualify as "new." I know that going the other way did.) That's just the monthly fees. On top of that, there is an activation fee and either a modem rental or modem purchase. If you already own the modem you are using for residential service, you should be able to continue using it.


Some of the offers bundled in a VoIP line in addition to the Internet service. That would not be of interest to you.


If you are looking at these prices and screaming, doing a spit take, eyes bulging out, etc. at the fact they are quite a bit higher than residential prices, remember these are not targeted at home users. I had Business Fios for over a decade and there are differences. I don't think I had more than a half dozen issues in a decade and two of those were right at the beginning. Verizon could have saved themselves those calls if they would have buried the fiber cable right away rather than having it mowed over by the grounds people at the neighboring school. Twice. That's another story, but suffice it to say that I was back up with a new fiber line run in less than 24 hours both times. Whenever I did call the business customer support line, a person answered in 2-3 rings. There was no queue. A couple of times when I needed some low-level network support (such as setting up a reverse IP to domain mapping), I got passed to a network engineer very quickly. They resolved the issue while I was on the line usually. If they couldn't, they called me back when they did. Business Fios is a different product for a different audience.

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