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Flashing Router Lamps

Flashing Router Lamps

Nickel Contributor
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I have a VZ-Actiontec router.  During normal usage over the past several weeks (since FIOS was installed) I have noticed that all leds on the front are green and steady (no flashing or flickering) --except for the ethernet LAN LEDs and the Internet LED which randomly flicker based on traffic on the associated port(s).


Yesterday I noticed that for a period of time (about 1/2 hour that I observed) the  LED was flashing at a very regular and uniform rate of about 120 times per minute (like the 'Hold' lamp on an old style multiline telephone) unrelated to the 'flicker' related to traffic. Several hours after the WAN COAX LED once again became steady, the Wireless LED did the same thing.  Again, there was no correlation between the uniform 'flashing' and the 'flicker' related to traffic flow.


Referring to the router's User Guide there is only a brief reference to either of these LEDs which states that after initialization the LED should be on or flashing --with no explanation as the what the difference is between 'on' or 'flashing'.


 Does anyone know what a uniform flashing LEDs (WAN COAX and Wireless) ??

Nickel Contributor
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Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
Device: Actiontec Rev I
Plan: FDV\75 down 75 up
Location: Floral Park, NY
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If you can still get on the internet I wouldn't worry to much about it.
Nickel Contributor
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Well, I sort of disagree.  If it doesn't matter, why would they give it 2 states, and mention it in the user guide (with no additional explanation) that it could be on or flashing?  A third state (dark/off) means it is not working.  Obviously there are (at least) 2 'working' states, on and steady-flashing  --as I noted in my original post, random flickering is an indication of traffic flow. 


Does 'flashing' indicate degraded performance?


Message Edited by kvelling on 08-29-2008 10:13 AM
Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
Device: Actiontec Rev I
Plan: FDV\75 down 75 up
Location: Floral Park, NY
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When it flashes it is passing data and that is normal. If they flash very fast and all at the same time then it is fried.
Nickel Contributor
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Go back and re-read my original post.  The flashing is very regular and NOT related to traffic flow.   

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