Frustrated by Family Protection

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Frustrated by Family Protection

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Been a Verizon customer off and on since waaay before they were Verizon.  Sometimes I really have to ask myself why. 


I did clean installs of Windows7 on my home computers recently and thereafter reloaded the Verizon ISS.   Only now it is McAfee.  Argh !   Didn't I leave this garbage behind with Comcast?


For the moment my gripe is with Family Protection.


For starters, why is there no meaningful help tool or setup walkthrough available?   I've been using computers since Apple IIs so I can figure out most things out by trial and error, but where, for instance, am I told that the different user IDs for Family Protection have to be the Email addresses of each user?  What if one of my kids doesnt have Email yet?  Why can't I just create a profile for 'Fred' - instead it has to be    A pain.   The pitiful help menu on the configuration page does not mention anything about what kind of userid to try - it says only this:  "Once on the second page, fill in the "New Username," "New Password" and "Confirm Password" blanks. The username you create must be unique. When finished, click "Add User."  .....          Sorry, Verizon/McAfee, it aint that simple.  I tried everything - the user id has to be a registered Verizon Email address.   ARGH.


And why is there just one administrator for networked computers - I happened to enter my wife's Email first on Family Protection, but neither computer will let me add my Email as another administrator.  Why can't she be the admin on one machine and me on the other?


There is a tool for limiting online time, but I can find no tool for changing the default log-in expiration.    If I have internet or Email (Live Mail) or an online game up for a while, at some point (seems like 20-30 min but varies) I get kicked off, and the Family Protection log-in pops up.   ARGH.    (And yes I have checked on the configuration page, and the admin account has no time limits or any other limits set).       And where does it tell me that each user has to log off (esp Admins) so the next person to sit down 15 min later can jump into their profile?   Again - how is that log-in expiration set ?


This is getting too long already - one last minor point for now.  The log-in window and text are TINY.   The admin log-in window is better but kinda huge actually.   Didnt anyone do customer testing with this stuff?


Thanks for any assistance. 

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Re: Frustrated by Family Protection

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You have many valid points. But bottom line is... Its MacAfee. If you dont like the way MacAfee works, get rid of it and get something else. Its not like you purchased it for a year. Verizon's ISS is a month to month payment system. Go get something you like better. You have lots of choices.


Yes they do testing on this stuff. But no matter what they do someone will not be happy with it. As an example, look on the Fios TV board. Verizon put in a streatched program guide to fit 16:9 screens and people complained. They reverted it back to the 4:3 screen and now different people are complaining. They cant win. All they can do is to serve the masses.


Besides, Verizon didnt design it. They had really no input on its make at all. They asked for bids for a security system that contained certain features and MacAfee had the lowest bid. So MacAfee put all the systems together in a bundle, stamped Verizons name on it, and put it out. You'll find that many of the major companies out there that use the same type of system, have the same program just with a differnt gui stamped on it for the company in question.


So it boils down to..You dont like the way this one is set up and it doesnt meet your wants, go out and get something that does. Simple as that


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Re: Frustrated by Family Protection

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I have been using family protection recently and can understand your frustration. I don't have VISS yet family protection is free and operational for us.  Once I figured out the username and password stuff, how things work, it seems to work fine after some trial and error.  My daughter wasn't too happy but such the price to pay for having her own laptop.


If you aren't happy with family protection check out and install family safety.  I like parts of what the microsoft product has to offer and the Mcafee program and if combined into a single program would be a great program.  Keep in mind both products are free.



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