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G1100 router default admin password not working after factory reset

G1100 router default admin password not working after factory reset

Contributor DaNightmare62
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About a month ago, I was able to log in to the router and configure settings.  (I didn't change the router admin password, figuring the default would be handy, with it being printed on the side)  Today, I went to modify something and wasn't able to log in.  After several attempts with the admin password on the side, and any random defaults I could imagine (password, admin...) I tried all my personal passwords that I could think of; to no avail.  Out of desparation, I did a factory reset.

After the factory reset, the admin password should have been what was printed on the side.  Despite many attempts, and staring at it for an hour, the default password is not working.  I even tried a second factory reset, and a normal restart of the router, with the same result.

Does anyone know how I can fix this, short of buying a new router?

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Platinum Contributor III
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Try just password.

Or contact support (assuming it is a Verizon router)

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If the above suggestion doesn't work, ask Verizon if they can tell you what the password is, or reset it from their end. The router phones home upon connecting to the Verizon network, and technicians will be able to remote into it if they know what they're doing.

Contributor KimariesingsMD
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I remember reading on one of the Vz forums that if your default password listed on your router does not work, try the serial number listed on the same sticker. It seems as an "extra security measure" sometime the password is changed to the serial number. I hope this helps.

Copper Contributor DG12
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If you are attempting to login to the router using a WiFi connection, like a laptop, be sure you are connected to YOUR wifi network. I had logged into our neighbor's network last month when we were visiting, ater resetting MY router my laptop connected to THEIR network. No wonder I couldn't log in with MY router's default password! 

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