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Getting Ethernet off Guest

Getting Ethernet off Guest

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I have FIOS with a Quantum router.   My ethernet cable is hooked up to the back of the router correctly, but it automatically connects me to the Guest account rather than either my two other networks (2.4 or 5G).  I don't want my computer to be on the guest network, but I have not figured a way to change it.  


Is there a way?




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this will get you access to the routers interface.

once there under WiFi you will see 2.4 and 5 GHz networks as well as guest network.

it may be possible the guest network is active and the other two bands are not. Simply turn off guest network and make sure the others are turned on.


now have you looked for SSID of your Fios network when searching for a connection?

some devices will show 2.4 or 5 GHz networks or just one of them. Look to see if that is the case. Also if you are just getting guest network I would go into your device and say “forget network “ 


if necessary you can reset the fios quantum router by pushing in the little reset button in the back. Then login as first use via the login name and password on the sticker on the router.


last resort have Verizon replace the router for it may be a bad one.

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My understanding is WiFi only.

Why do you think you are connecting to guest network while connected to router via cable?

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I know that the ethernet cable is going to the Guest network because: (1) I shut off the wireless function on my computer; and (2) my network and internet page in Windows 10, as well as my icons, tell me that I am on my guest network.  When I activate the wireless on the computer, it gives me the choice of connecting to my three networks (guest, 2.4 and 5G).  I have no desire to open computer sharing on the guest network, but I want the speed of ethernet, so I hope to find a way to get on the more secure 2.4 or 5G.  




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Thanks for you interest.


  • I have explored the interface, and all networks are working.
  • When I am using the wireless connections on my Windows 10 computer, I see all of my networks' SSIDs;  when I use ethernet, however, I am only offered the guest network.
  • I have reset this Quantum router several times with no different results.

Is there anything I am missing?


Thanks again,




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Gold Contributor VII
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That is not a possibility. You are not connecting to a Guest network via ethernet.

only via WiFi.


ethernet is a direct hard wired link to your router. The Guest, 2.4 & 5 GHz is WiFi only.

the other possibility is someone named their routers SSID “Guest” which makes no sense if direct connected.


i would reset your router back to factory via the reset button in the back.

log back on to your router with the original login credentials on the Verizon router.

one there go into your wifi setting and change the names to something like your first name and band. In example jon2_4 and jon5_0 & jon_guest so you know it’s your WiFi.


now in the routers administrative name change it to something like I use “computerexpert” (this is an example) 


what is happening is in your windows set up is your on wifi not direct connection.

or you would not be seeing Guest.

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