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Gigabit Internet Feedback

Gigabit Internet Feedback

Copper Contributor Varg
Copper Contributor
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I am seeking input from users with experience with with the new Gigabit Internet connection - speed, quality of service. I get varying speeds with my 100Mb connection. So how reliable is this claim? My current 2 yr contract is less than 30 days old and I am asked to pay $30.00 extra for the bragging rights.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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@Varg wrote:

I am seeking input from users with experience with with the new Gigabit Internet connection - speed, quality of service. I get varying speeds with my 100Mb connection. So how reliable is this claim? My current 2 yr contract is less than 30 days old and I am asked to pay $30.00 extra for the bragging rights.

Like any internet service the speeds will vary.

i normally get 940/870 which is what Verizon advertises. Yes gig speed is 1024/1024 but in reality you will go slightly lower. Like I said many factors affect it. 



Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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If you're getting varying speeds with 100Mbps, moving to 1Gbps won't solve the problem. Best to troubleshoot your current 100Mbps service first, before planning to move to Gigabit. A faster connection could just make the problem worse, if your issue is due to a bad light over the Fiber, for example. Or if the problem is due to Wi-Fi, then nothing will change, and you're just wasting money unless you plan to upgrade the Wi-Fi equipmnt on both ends.


People are also seeing mixed results with the Gigabit product. For some, 940Mbps up and down is what you'll see, and is actually what Gigabit service provides, due to Ethernet overhead. Others are seeing mixed results, presumably because they are on busier PONs (Keep in mind, each FiOS connection is a part of a PON, that is a Passive Optical Network. The PON connects to a port at the Central Office on an OLT - Optical Line Termination). Verizon currently uses GPON tech (Gigabit Passive Optical Network), which is limited to 2.4Gbps down, 1.2Gbps up. A PON can have anywhere from 1 home to 64 homes sharing the bandwidth. That assumes Verizon has more than a 1Gbps Ethernet port on the OLT Side of things to back up the bandwidth - which they probably do if they've sold 1Gbps to you. So with that said, people have reported issues on the upload side of things with being a bit varied, which comes as no surprise. Verizon has provisioned a speed that is grossly oversubscribing the PON by design, on the assumption (and based on statistics) that people will hit the download harder than the upload. After all, you're not paying for the guaranteed Gigabit, but the connection should provide acceptable enough performance that for $200 or less, it's better than what Cable will provide. Unless you're in a Comcast/XFinity area where you're within the magic 500ft range of where Comcast will install "Gigabit Pro", which is an actual Metro Ethernet product.


In the future, if Verizon moves to GEPON, which can do Symmetrical 10Gbps, or NG-PON2, which can do 10Gbps down, 2.5Gbps up, or a newer tech, you'll find 1Gbps far more sustainable on FiOS.

Copper Contributor Varg
Copper Contributor
Posts: 22
Registered: ‎10-28-2016
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Thanks for taking the time to respond. This is very nice tutorial and very informative. I learnt a lot.

Your reco about fixing the current speed and bandwidth issues is well placed and I will focus on this for now. Bragging rights of Gig-a-bit Internet will have to wait.

Contributor Joe_Broadband
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I have had Fios Quantum service for 2.5 months.  I am greatly disappointed in it so far.  I have a pc connected directly to the Fios router and I am getting slower internet than my former Optimum 50mb plan.  I've tried all the recommended adjustments.  Nothing is helping so far.  As for the WiFi, its VERY poor.  The signal is far weaker than my old Optimum router, which was 3 years old.  The technician who installed my setup, did an Excellent job.  Clean wiring and he really took the time to set it up right.  However, its just not nearly as advertised.  The Fios speedtest from the router shows 800-900 for both up and down.  This seems like a false reading though as NOTHING seems any faster than my old setup.  Directly connected devices have topped out at about 90mb.  Nothing seems very fast, yet this is supposed to be at least 20 times faster than previous setup.  I'll call Fios back for help, but if this is the best, I may go back. (even though I disliked Optimum).

Contributor Joe_Broadband
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I should add that I am getting non stop grief from my family.  The internet is slow and goes out often.  The television is also a nightmare, since I lost so many channels and it is difficult to navigate. Overall, as of today I would rate Fios Quantum a C-.  That's being generous.

Copper Contributor Angolaroad
Copper Contributor
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I hope they find your problem as I have Gigabit upgrade from 50mps installed next week. One possibly helpful tip for your PC: There are settings that can be changed on the PC to optimize them for how you get Internet, varies with the speed you bought from FIOS, etc. I use AVG Tuneup that is simply great to optimize all such settings, also fix Registry errors, cleans up unneeded files, etc. I tried other similar programs but like AVG the most. There is a free trial version, but usually the full paid versions are worth it. Your WIFI problems are another matter; I use Ethernet wiring from the router for almost everything - except one smartphone.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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The simple fact is I suspect your new Fios speeds were not provisioned correctly.

speeds over 50/50 should be on ethernet connection. You are on ethernet?

if you are the problem can be the router would need to be replaced just to make sure.

the speed you listed 800/900 is within gigabyte range.

my speeds are always around 940/880 +/- at different times of the day or night.

my wifi speeds etc are great because I use a very high end router by Netgear.

the wifi speeds on the Quantum Gateway G1100 is known to not be that great. Google and you can read for yourself.


another poster recommended using a registry cleaner/fixer DO NOT USE THIESE PROGRAMS they cause a myriad of issues when files, dll and registry entries are changed or deleted.


my mother in law used a Avast program yesterday and after she ran it the Microsoft Runtime Environment was corrupted and other things went missing. It has taken me all day and I still have it installing 132 updates to the OS as I type this. I have now placed her files back on and everything is running great. But think. 8 am till 9:02 pm and still going. So don't use any software to fix anything.

i will surmise that the router is malfunctioning call Fios up 1-800-VERIZON and have them replace it.

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If the speedtest from the rotuer shows ok and you get very poor performance from your PC there are a few possibilities:
1) Are you running speedtest to speedtest.verizon.net? If not, that is where the router tests and verifies access speed which is all Verizon (and other providers) can guarantee.

2) If you are doing that and still getting porr performance it is possible that you either have a network issue (is PC conencted directly to Verizon router) or there is an issue with your PC. If it is fairly new, then it might be a dirver issue. If it is older, it may not support Gig speeds.

3) For wifi, did your older router support 5G? If not, you may be connecting to the G1100 via 5G which although faster, doesn't have the same range as 2.4G. Give each network a different SSID to see if you get different performance.

4) If you have an android device, download an app called WiFi Analyzer. It can help you check wifi for issues like interference (old router may have been on a different channel than G1100 which has interference) plus can check signal strength.

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Contributor jffrider12
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Not getting anywhere close to advertised speed,2017 acer labtop,best i get is 230mb up and down,had new ONT box installed,technician was nice but insisted he was getting 900+mb on "HIS EQUIPMENT"..after a few excuses,he left...not happy..NOT WORTH THE MONEY..

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