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Gigabit Internet problem

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Gigabit Internet problem

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Since I upgrade to Gigabit last week, it seems my problems never come to have an end
I Change already 2 rooters (one with folty net connections and the other referbish with a wrong stiker for the admin a/c
Today, after I Install the 3rd rooter last Friday and everything worked perfect up to today, I am toing a speed test 
The results are
The rooter connecting to the main service 945 mbps down and 925 mbps up. When I did the divice (several of them) test look what it give me

Download96.13 Mbps
Upload94.33 Mbps

Those figures last Friday were 450 mbps and 750 mbps
I was all morning with tech support and they tall me that they cannot do anything at this point.
And I'm asking the (because they were presure me to sen a tech to me-that I am also and I do not need their help on a tech that NEVER listens anything)
Is is possible the ADMIN on the main office to control the four connections of the rooter and their speed?
Is it possible the rooter to have the same problem with the connectio as the first rooter I received?
Can any anybody here give me a logical explanation? I'm seek and tyred to speak to people that does not listen to me..

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Re: Gigabit Internet problem

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I am assuming English is not your first language and it takes some work to understand you. But I will try.


first the router is showing the correct speeds for gigabyte service 940/880 which is what Verizon Fios says to be up to. This is with a direct Ethernet cable from your computer into the Verizon Quantum G1100 router. So you are fine there.


now the device speeds to/from the router over wifi is not guaranteed and is out of Verizon's control. The speed test hard connected is all Verizon Fios guarantees.

Device speeds to/from the router depend on the device capabilities and their connect rate. This can be 2.4 Ghz. Or 5 Ghz. Over wireless. Normally speeds will be 1/2 the direct Ethernet speeds tested up to the device limits, and with optimal speeds achieved on the faster 5 Ghz band at close range. The 2.4 Ghz will penetrate better and go farther but again it depends on your devices connected.

The trouble is you need the tech sent on a truck roll to have computer skills relating to the router you are using. If you feel having them send a tech in certain cases if no issue is found they may charge you.



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Re: Gigabit Internet problem

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Speeds of 94Mbps up and down approximately, are suggestive of a 100Mbps Ethernet link. If you check the status lights on the back of your router, are they indicating 1Gbps Link speeds, or 100Mbps link speeds?


The important one here is the connection to your "WAN" port on your router. This must be 1Gbps. If it's 100Mbps, that explains why your device speed test can't get beyond 94Mbps-96Mbps. This is usually a problem with the cable running between your router and the ONT. If Verizon installed that cable, they can come out to repair it.


Now the link between your router and the PC can have several variables. Let's assume your PC shows a 100Mbps link if you check in your system's preferences, or by referring to the lights on the back of the router. 100Mbps can occur because your PC negotiated that speed, power saving in your network card caused it to go to 100Mbps from 1Gbps (Energy Efficent Ethernet, and settings for Link Speed Power Down cause this, notably when the PC goes to sleep), or bad cabling. 


But start off by referencing what the lights show on the back of the router. Whether 100Mbps or 1Gbps. With your router upright, note that the top-most light on the Ethernet port notes 1Gbps. If the bottom one is lit, that is 100Mbps.


To answe your question about controlling the router, yes it is possible for Verizon support to log into your router remotely and change settings. But only if you use the Verizon router. They will not do this unless they are making a change, like upgrading firmware to support services or fix bugs/security issues, or if you ask them to. Yes, there are settings to lock the Ethernet ports to 100Mbps as well.

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