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Going back to Comcast--Verizon poor customer service

Going back to Comcast--Verizon poor customer service

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It is a Verizon redirect issue because if I go to a nearby hotel, connect to their wireless network, establish a VPN connection, and then connect to my company's website with no problems.  This is in fact what I have been doing.


The tech I spoke to could tell me how to login to the router Verizon provided but he could not tell me how to make the necessary changes to opt out of Verizon's DNS redirect.  This is absolutely unacceptable for equipment that Verizon provided.


My company has employees in every state and I am not the first person to have a problem with DNS redirect but at least their ISPs were able to help them.  One person told me they called their ISP and their tech support turned off the service and told them it will take 30 minutes for the change to take effect.  Now that is customer service.

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Update: (See first post in this thread) Screen name changed from "kenjo" because my old password and username doesn't work anymore.


June 9: After being told numerous times by various subcontractors from TetraTech, a crew came out today and dug 2 small ditches and used a boring machine to run the FIOS cable underground to my house. Total time: about 1 hour. Total time I spent on the phone with various Verizon representatives and talking in person, on site,  with Verizon and subcontractors and being told by 2 different subs they couldn't route the cable underground the way it is now (finally) instead of through the crawl space of my house: 3 hours. Too bad Verizon didn't send this particular crew from TetraTech out on the day it was originally scheduled (March 27).


Now we'll see how long it takes Verizon to reconnect from the "temporary" FIOS cable to the permanent underground line.



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Unreal . . .hang in there 😞



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I'm glad I waited before signing up for Verizon. It is clear that they are just too big to do much properly. Between their salespeople lying to my elderly grandmother to make a sale, this thread about their incompetence and just having to re-register (an overly-complicated process on this site)  in order to post again, I think I'll stick with my cable modem. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences.

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@Arthur Dent wrote:

I have Verizon FIOS using Westell 9100OEM Router.  I was unable to connect to my company's website using a VPN connection due to Verizion's DNS Redirect service.   I did not see anything about how to configure this router to opt out of the DNS Redirect service on the FIOS Help web page.  I contacted Verizon Tech Support and the tech that answered my call told me he had no idea how to do this either.  I ask to talk to someone else.  He told me there was no one else I could talk to.  He also told that my only option would be to contact Verizon's Premium Tech Support service and that this was a pay service.  I told him that I thought it would be easier for me to choose another ISP than do this and he said that was up to me


I can't believe that someone like Verizon would have such poor customer service for its Internet support.  I have a Verizon cell phone and have never had any problems with this service.  I would still like to know how to opt out of the DNS Redirect so I thought I would post this here. 

Log into the router and note what the DNS entries are.  Then manually set the DNS servers to what you wrote down but change the last number from .12 to .14.

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