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Google WiFi & Fios - Double NAT Issue

Google WiFi & Fios - Double NAT Issue

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I’m trying to configure Google WiFi to work with Verizon Fios.

There is TV and internet service in the house.

This is a very large house.  In order to cover the entire house, I’m using 9 Google WiFi mesh routers.

The Verizon extenders could never cover the entire house.  Now it is completely covered.

However, since Fios requires their ActionTec modem/router for some tv functionality, I added the Google WiFi to the ActionTec router via an Ethernet cable.

The cable coming out of the Verizon ONT is coaxial.


I believe I now have a double NAT issue.  I am unable to get an Ethernet connection to work.  And the Fios app can not connect with the cable boxes.  When I’m connected to the Google network, the app says that I am not connected to the Verizon wireless network.  When I connect to the Verizon WiFi, the app can not communicate with the boxes at all.


First, I have to say that I did not reboot the cable boxes.  I read about that after the fact.  While that may help, I don’t think it will resolve my double NAT issue.


The setup is as follows...

The ONT is connected to the Fios Router via a coaxial cable.

An Ethernet cable was run from the Fios Router LAN port to the Google WiFi router.

I re-named the Verizon network.

I named the Google WiFi network the original network name.

Everything else on the Fios router was kept the same.

The Google WiFi setup app configured the mesh network.


I do not believe that I can put the Fios router into “bridge” mode because I will lose some tv functionality.


I can’t put the Google WiFi into AP mode because it is a mesh system.


Is there any way to use the Google WiFi mesh system as my wifi and still retain all of the tv functions that I am paying for?


I have read that changing the ONT connection to the router from coaxial to Ethernet may be a way to resolve this issue.  But I’m not clear if the Fios tv functions will still work properly.


Thanks for any help you could provide.

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If you can change the router's WAN connection from Coax to Ethernet easily, that may be needed in the future. TV functions work the same whether using Coax or Ethernet from the ONT to the router WAN. You'll still need the coax connected for the Set Top Boxes.


This FAQ, while dated, is very helpful with identifying the combination of setups you could try: https://www.dslreports.com/faq/16077 . Setup #8 is generally the one that will give you everything. Since there are many drawbacks, the most ideal solution may end up coming with a trade-off which impacts TV, or requires running additional gear (for example you may need to purchase a switch to tie off of the master Google Wi-Fi node).


When you say Ethernet connection, what do you mean by this? Are you trying to use one of the Mesh Nodes' Ethernet LAN port to wire up a device?

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