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Have to Reboot Router Frequently

Have to Reboot Router Frequently

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Ever since I upgraded to Quantum 50/25, I've been experiencing outages with my service.  Everything will be fine for a while, then after a day or two my internet starts crapping out.  I'll start getting "unable to connect" messages from webpages, and have to refresh to connect.  Sometimes this doesn't even work and it won't be able to connect to anything.  If I reboot the router everything seems to fix itself for a while, and then the cycle restarts.  Any ideas?

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While I'm not happy that this is an issue, I am glad that there are others experiencing the same problem.


I am currently having the EXACT same issues as rmfnord, and it all started after renewing my contract and having my service upgraded. As it's been said, I'll receive constant "unable to connect" messages when browsing the Internet, and refreshing the page is like flipping a coin. Eventually, I will have to either reboot the router or it will do it by itself if I wait long enough. Once it has been restarted, everything will be okay for a little while before it starts all over again.


This problem is in rather poor timing as I have online quizzes and tests to handle for my school semester.

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How are both of your routers connected to the ONT? Via MoCa (Coaxial) or Ethernet (CAT5e or better)? It may be possible that coincidentally you could be having MoCa signal issues. More likely too, the router may need a factory reset if they've been pushing new firmware out lately.

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Thanks for the tip.  I am experiencing the same frequently dropped connection from the router to the service.  I upgraded the router firmware once and the problem has persisted.  I'll try again.

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I am experiencing a very similar problem - lately every few hours.  Internet service becomes very slow, then stops altogether.  If I wait a while, sometimes it comes back, but rebooting the router restores it immediately.  We tried a factory reset of the router and then replaced the router entirely but it did not fix the problem.  Verizon support is unhelpful.  Am getting to my wit's end here and wondering what our alternatives are to this service.

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I have FIOS connected to the router via coaxial cable.  I've had FIOS for 6 years without a single problem.  Then 1 month ago my kids reported that when playing Xbox Live they are "lagging out" and having to turn the xbox on/off.  The Xbox is connected via CAT5.  Also, when a laptop, iphone or ipad are connected via wifi, the connection is lost and a reboot of the device is required.  I did factory resets and every other suggested step to no avail.  Through it all, my desktop that is connected to the router via CAT5 experienced no problems.


I contacted VZ several times and they sent a new router.  Things looked better for 1 day, now it's actually worse.  The problems now affect the desktop's connection.  Sporadically, all internet connectivity is lost.  I then have to reboot the router.  However, after rebooting the router, any device trying to connect to the internet, via CAT5 or wifi, gets an "invalid IP address" type of error message.  I have screenshots at home which I'll add later.


Extremely frustrating, esp when contacting customer service as they go through the same script - reboot router, send a signal.  Factory reset modem, send a signal.  After that, they have no suggestions and simply try to get you off the line

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Are you all wireless or wired and wireless, and do you notice the same internet drop on the wired machines?



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Hubrisnxs - Here is my setup for the past 6 years:


Desktop PC - wired to router

Xbox - wired to router

laptop - wireless

various smartphones - wireless

macbook - wireless

iPad 2 - wireless (since July 2012)


No problems of any kind until about a month ago.  Was most noticible on XBox as my kids were getting lagged out of games with their friends.  Then I started noticing the iPad was having wifi connection problems, but chalked that up to some pretty well documented problems iPads have with wifi.  Not a big deal.


Got a new router Tuesday 10/23.  Problems picked up on 10/24.  Newest twist is when I run a, it fails due to latency issues.  VZ told me that is only because they don't support that site! HAHAHA great answer


Yesterday, the desktop began losing connectivity.  This morning I went to Amazon to order something.  Got to the final 'confirm purchase' stage and we lost all internet connectivity - as sudden as if a cable was cut or unplugged.


I unplugged the router for 60 seconds and plugged it in.  Once all lights were green, tried amazon again.  Site still down, used Win7 network troubleshooting tool and it said that I had an invalid IP

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Ok, If it's happening on wired, then you may want to reset your service terminal, follow these instructions "How do I reboot the ONT?"


after that, reboot your router again, and then watch and see if the problem comes back. If it does then you might have a problem with either the service terminal itself or the cabling going to the router.  I don't think it's the router anymore because you have already replaced it.    

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This might give you more visibility as to why it's happening. 


Why is my router crashing?


If you see certain errors, come back here, don't ask the Verizon Upfront Tech's, it would be the luck of the irish if you found one that knew how to read that stuff.


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