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Help Needed Please with WiFi Issues

Help Needed Please with WiFi Issues

Contributor ErinsMom
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Registered: ‎01-05-2019

We currently have 50/50 internet service with a triple play package (grandfathered ultimate tv channels and DVR for life promo).   Have a 3 story home (basement, main floor of house on first floor, and bedrooms on second floor) and we typically run lots of devices (Ring 2, Nest thermostats, Sonos, Smart TVs, Ipads and computers.  Just purchased an Orbi and set it up yesterday, and overall we're pretty happy with it. 


But these are my issues/problems: 


1. We have 2 Set-top boxes and 2 DVRs.  TV in daughter's room as well as my bedroom seems to freeze up. Verizon "support" insisted this has to do with our lack of Mbps.  I was told by someone else (possibly by someone on this forum) that it has nothing to do with Mbps because TV/DVR service is provided through the coaxial cables.  Then Verizon said we have to pay to have our equipment changed.  But why?? I'm paying for TV service that we're not partially getting because our set-top boxes are so old (at least 6 years, maybe closer to 8).  


2. The bigger issue: This "support" person I was speaking to told me 50/50 Mbps is really slow for what we're doing and using and honestly I don't doubt that.  But right before I agreed to increase the speed to 150/150 (after she relentlessly kept insisting I needed the Gigabit Mbps package), she said "oh there's a fee of $100 for the technician to come out and change the control box because your increasing the speed so much".  Is it just me, or does it seem ridiculous that Verizon wants to charge me an extra $25/month to pay for "better" internet AND I have to pay them $100 on top of it to install that service?  



Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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I gave you my suggestions on your situation. My wife and I used time warner cable and had 15/1 internet speed and never had any buffering issues. Now due to cable yearly greed we dropped tv. On doing this our monthly costs went from $200+ down to $39.99 huge savings.


we subscribed to Directtvnow $35 so $75 for entertainment. Now we never used phone service. We have cellular phones. But i purchased a MagicJack for $35 and it came with a year of service. It works perfectly on our internet.


now we did take Fios up in our neighborhood since it was 150/150 with discounts that fell off on year one and then the rest on year two. But $84 was great. Since that time we upped to gigabyte at $113 a month. But it works and that is all that matters. Even with the directtvnow added in the cost is still cheaper than cable.


you could ask Fios for new tv boxes but will more than likely carry a cost, your install fee is standard. You will also be paying more for router rentals so just look at getting internet only or threaten to leave or leave and come back in 30 days for new customer pricing. Having dvr service is just not worth it.


Silver Contributor IV Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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1. Don’t believe that rep about the boxes freezing has anything to do with you speed(mbps). They are fed via coax cables from an rf signal. TV and internet signal are completely separate. The freezing could be the boxes since they are old or could even be your main FiOS box. Neither the set top boxes or the main FiOS box (ONT) would be a chargeable thing if a tech comes out to replace. I would call and schedule a tech for the freezing issues. 


2. 50/50 mbps really isn’t too slow. You only need 25 mbps to stream video. Devices like Ring, Nest and Sonos don’t draw alot of bandwidth. If you are really concerned about speed you could see about upgrading to 75/75 which shouldn’t initiate a tech visit. I’m just not sure if Verizon offers it anymore. If you do upgrade more than 75/75 it is true that a tech needs to come out and upgrade main FiOS box and they will need to run ethernet from that to your router. Which is why there is the $100 tech fee. 

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