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Help! Sling and Fios setup

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Help! Sling and Fios setup

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I have done all I could to get the Slingbox up and running, but still cannot successfully set up internet viewing.

So far:

Tried automatic setup, failed

Set up port forwarding as described, failed

Called and PAID Sling to help, after 3 calls and 1 hr on the phone/remote control of my PC, failed

Called Verizon to confirm my IP was public, it was

Called Verizon to confirm no ports blocked other than 25/80, confirmed

tried ports 443/5001/5002, all failed

When I go to canyouseeme.org, NO ports could be seen, connection refused on all.


Slingbox works fine locally, but just can't get the internet viewing to work....



 Can someone help direct me to the item to correct, or the throat to choke to get this thing working?

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Re: Help! Sling and Fios setup

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#1 What is the brand and model of this router?


#2 I will take an educated guess, of what screen is in your router.


In the router go to Advanced -> IP Address Distribution.


#3 If that screen exist...


a) What is the DHCP range of the router?


b) When you tried to forward the ports, what IP Address did you try to forward to?


#4 Another educated guess of a screen that exist in your router.


In the router go to Advanced -> UPnP.


This feature is turned off?

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Re: Help! Sling and Fios setup

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I am experiencing the same thing, and this is relatively recent.  I have had the slingbox working well for about 3 years and this May, it just stopped working.  Now, when I try to modify the firewall per the set-up assistant, it still shows that it fails.  I have even put the into the DMZ.  Still no luck.  I can see the slingbox perfectly when I am on my home network.  I even paid for the slingbox support team to try a number of different things - no luck.  I am baffled.


Anyone out there have any suggestions?

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