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Help optimizing FIOS wi-fi connection

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Re: Help optimizing FIOS wi-fi connection

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I replaced my Actiontec with a d-Link DIR655 which has much more throughput than the Actiontec and it didn't have a puny 'NAT' file, though I believe the Actiontecs no longer have that issue as well (from rev d or e and forward?).  Also, the DIR655 gives me Gigabit pipes for my LAN compared with the 10/100 on the AT.


The DIR655 sits in the basement and I have a nice strong signal on my iPad on the second floor (two floors above the router). 


As I've been fighting V* on billing issues for replacement routers I didn't order, I'd caution you about ordering equipment from V*.  You have to stay on top of them if they deliver the wrong equipment, otherwise you'll waste a lot of time getting your account cleared up.


BTW, I have an ethernet connection to the ONT, but I think most people now have coax, though you may be able to get V* to enable the ethernet.  With the ethernet connection you have more choices.  If you have only a coax at your ONT, you may be stuck with using the AT as the WAN bridge, but you can always put a better wireless router behind it.  This link has a nice comparison of the tradeoffs with different configs:





I have the DIR655 in front of the AT.  I use the AT only for the MoCA and I have it setup as a LAN bridge, so for FIOS TV, I still have all the VOD and IPG stuff.  I also use the home media share stuff to browse my iTunes library from my MacMini.



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Re: Help optimizing FIOS wi-fi connection

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Do you have FIOS TV or only Internet? 

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Re: Help optimizing FIOS wi-fi connection

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I called verizon tech support and they resolved the issue. The tech simply had me go into my router and change the channel option in basic security settings from automatic to any one of the 11 available, I chose channel 6 but the tech said if my connection slows up I can try any of the others.


The technician told me that FIOS wifi works with ultimate N cards and that I should be getting a consistent strong connection even with the laptop being in the basement and the router 2 floors above..


As of right now the wireless is working like  a charm after implementing the channel change, I am getting a consistent strong signal.


Thanks all for your help.

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