Help with QOS rules while using Actiontec router as a bridge

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Help with QOS rules while using Actiontec router as a bridge

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In my family's house I have a Verizon Actiontec MI424-WR Rev F currently acting as strictly a modem with WiFi turned off. I connected a Netgear N600 from its LAN port to the Actiontec's LAN port and that is acting as my wireless network. I did this because it is a 2-story house and the Netgear offered better WiFi coverage throughout the house than the Actiontec. The Actiontec router has its ip address and the netgear has a ip address and neither one has anything plugged into its WAN port. Everything (laptops, Xbox, cellphones, etc.) was working well until I recently purchased a new home theatre receiver. The receiver has network capability so I purchased a few Netgear Powerline 500 nanos. I have a total of 4 of the "powerline plugins", The first one, the hub, I have plugged directly into the Actiontec router and the other three I'm using for the Xbox,  the receiver, and a WDTV live smart box. I got them all working but I've noticed WiFi speeds on the laptops have dropped and the netgear plugin I have alotted for the Xbox is going slower than the other two plugins that really don't require that much internet usage. The main home PC is directly connected to a LAN port on the actiontec router so I turned off the Netgear N600 and ran a speed test with no interference. I got results of 58.99 Download and 39.03 Upload. So what I want to know is if my setup I'm using currently okay or do I need to change some settings on the Actiontec to make it a "true bridge" rather than more of a modem? And if my setup is okay will QOS rules in place (with assigned Static IP's) help to make things more efficient? If that's the case how do I set QOS rules on the actiontec that fit my needs? I appreciate any help anyone can give me!  


So to sum up:

1. Actiontec MI424WR Rev F has a router plugged into its LAN port from the LAN port of a....

2. Netgear N600 router which is being used as main router/WiFi. Have a total of...

3. 4 Netgear Powerline 500's throughout the house with the main Hub plugged into a LAN port on the Actiontec.

All have reception but with major efficiency issues. WiFi has also slowed due to this.  


Thanks again! 

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