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Help with dyndns.com

Contributor burnside
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Hi, I setup my ip with dyndns.com so that I can access a LAN web server at my house.  The ip for the server is  The problem is that when I access it from the outside without the port number, i.e. myserver.dyndns.org, I get straight to the routers login screen.  When I add the port number to the end, myserver.dyndns.org:80, then all is well.  Is there anyway I can make sure that either:


1. I block incoming traffic from getting to my router's login screen (router is a Westell Ultraline Series3 9100em)


or better yet...


2. Forward requests for myserver.dyndns.org straight to my web server?





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Platinum Contributor III
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Mostly likely port 80 is being blocked by your ISP, unless you are on the Business Plan.


#1 When forwarding port 80, is port 80 open from the net?

#2 When not forwarding port 80, is port 80 open from the net?


You can test for those things, using any of the following sites:

grc.com shields up




#3 You can change the port number that this web server listens on?

b) If you do not know what I mean by this, it would help to know the program's name...

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Contributor burnside
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Registered: ‎04-13-2009
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Yeah, looks like verizon is blocking port 80.  Port 443 is open though, so I might just use that instead.  The program I am trying to access is my Windows Home Server on my HP MediaSmart Server.
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