Hey maybe people here can help...

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Hey maybe people here can help...

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I live in a small town....Remington, VA....that several years ago had fiber trunks run into the current colo. In fact, before that, they took a year to 1. flatten the old colo to the foundation and then 2. totally rebuild it.


So, with great glee I drove by the crews installing fiber lines alongside the roads every day. Did the happy dance in my seat as I drove past the crews pulling the big bundles into the colo. And even toyed with the idea of rolling out a keg for them when it was all done.


Ok so....that was years ago. I have since come to find out that, apparently, Verizon has yet to turn ON fiber service here. **bleep**??


I guess it deals with market saturation. This area at the time was in a micro-boom and grew a lot. Verizon I think was staying ahead of it and the population expansion by upgrading the area.....not to mention that everyone in this small town has been screaming at them to do so for like FIFTEEN FREAK'N YEARS.....ahem....


So anyway, the growh stopped......Now, there's shiny new optic lines and colo gear, and hell even the colo building itself.....all sitting there humming away. But Verizon refuses to even talk about turning it on for us.


Really Verizon? .....really??


I'm really trying my BEST >NOT< to totally rage out here and now, you have NO idea lol.....but I swear to GOD I think I'm just going to switch to stinking comcast eventually. At least there I can get broadband speeds that are modernish. We've been on the Verizon DSL package of 3Mbs/768Kbs for, uh....about 12 years now I think. I'm NOT a comcast fan but FFS at least they offer higher speeds. At least they seem to talk to their customers rather than just snub them.


At this point, I'd like to see if anyone else has found a way to get in touch with anyone in Verizon about same/similar issues and what success if any was found.


I just don't understand why a company would upgrade the local infrastructure and then not offer the product!!



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