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Highlevel tech @ FIOS said FIOS has issues routing 2 Google and I should always do a ping 2 yahoo?

Highlevel tech @ FIOS said FIOS has issues routing 2 Google and I should always do a ping 2 yahoo?


dwright1542 wrote:

This is not simply a "youtube" problem.  This is a serious trunking problem between Verizon and the world.  Consistently now over the last 2-3 months, running on Comcast we have zero problems.   Flipping to FIOS produces SIP call problems, youtube problems, etc.


Me and a few other Philadelphia area consultants have collaboarated on data from approx 15 sites all showing the same issues from VA to NY.


Despite mutiple calls and PM's on this message boards from Verizon people,  this is still not resolved.  


Tech support is a disaster.   90 mins of call time will get you yet another person that says "Did you reboot your Actiontec?"



We can't look into this issue until we get those trace routes sent in. You can find the email address to send them to in the private message I sent to you on 3/26.




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This is really a common problem that started when google aquired youtube. You can google almost any provider name and "youtube slow". And you'll find lots of examples of what i'm talking about. Yu should still get the traceroutes though, if it turns out its on one of vz's routers they may be able to address it.

This is more than google and youtube - I have a client with a 50/20 and static IP's. I can disconnect ALL of the clients equipment and plug a laptop directly into the ONT and configure it with one of our assigned IP's. For some sites, we can get up to 30% packet loss. Using, some locations show our expected through-put and other test locations shows 2 MB. THEN... changing nothing but the nics IP address to another of our assigned IP, our results change. Sites we could not access before are now accessible. Throughput from test locations which only showed 2 mb down now get 50.

Support as mentioned asks you to reboot laptop, actiontel (even though I wasn't using it, to which support promptly says 'you cant do that and we wont support that configuration) Took a week to get a service tech to actually show up during business hours (and of course if he shows up and the building is closed, he closes the ticket.) But finally a tech shows up during business hrs after 5 days of trying. I had to manually configure the verizon tech laptop with one of our static IP, because he didn't know how. He was able to replicate my results but a level 2 tech engineer say if through-put from shows the expected speed, they are done. They can't be responsible for the other test sites. I asked the onsite tech what happens if my client needed to go somewhere other that and the onsite tech said he was late for his next appointment and left... and promptly closed the ticket. This is in Northern VA... Mclean / Tysons area


I'm having the same issue. The most frustrating thing about this is that in thread after thread, you'll have those people who will say, "It's a youtube problem, no Verizon." If everybody I know who doesn't have verizon is playing video with NO PROBLEM, if last week when I still had Comcast, I was playing videos with NO PROBLEM, then how is the fact that  from day one after switching to FIOS I can't even buffer 320p videos on a machine with 16GB of Ram and 3.2GHZ quad core processor and a NVidia GTX 560TI graphics card suddenly a youtube problem? I have 4 machines in my house and this is happening with all 4 of them and ONLY with youtube. No other video sites have this issue. And again, I just got back from my friends house who has Comcast and youtube videos play fine in HD. There's obviously something on Verizon's end that's bottlenecking youtube videos for many people because there are quite a few complaining about this since 2011. Does anyone at verizon read these threads?

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 As stated it's not an exclusive Verizon Problem
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Verizon HATES video streaming - especially Google.  This is clearly a business move.  I can verify that it only happens with Verizon!

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As someone who has previously written in tech journalism for quite a few high-profile and top-rated technology blogs on the internet — including Mashable — I must say that the more this keeps going on, the more interest that I'm having in wanting to find the truth to this matter.

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dwright is correct.  This is not just a youtube problem.  I've had massive packet loss and extrmely high ping times for a bit over a month now.  Quite frankly, I'm sick of it and about to switch providers.  Nobody at Verizon will help or even acknowledge there is an issue.  Traceroutes show timeouts when trying to hop to "" servers, which I'm pretty sure is owned by Verizon.  


Same problem here and i am completely fed up with it.  I want out of my fios contract and plan on contacting the FCC to get out of it.


I have been having this problem for over a year.  


When I have issues I connect to my neighbors wifi (she is nice enough to let me use it due to this issue) she is on cablevision and it works perfect every **bleep** time.  I switch back to my 50/25 fios and i can barely pull 200KB/s from youtube.  


Maybe verizon is just straight up traffic shaping youtube traffic since they are **bleep** about not being able to ram bills through congress to make us pay out the butt for bandwith charges.


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I am completely sick of how Verizon is treating these issues.  For months now I have massive packet loss, timeouts on traceroutes, and can barely buffer a 480p youtube video.  And I've yet to have one Verizon rep contact me even though I've been posting on these boards for a while now about this issue.

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