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How To Flush DNS Cache on Router?

How To Flush DNS Cache on Router?

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Having a continuing issue where DNS information is changed on the internet, but the old information is retained in the local Verizon Router. If I navigate to a URL on another device not on the network (ie: Cell Phone on Cell Service) it correctly uses the updated DNS information. Do the same on a local device connected to the Verizon Router, and it routes using old DNS data.


How do I flush the local routers DNS cached data so that it is forced to obtain the latest DNS information found on the internet?

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Even if you reconfigure the DNS or power cycle, it will still retain the DNS, proxy settings, and VPN. You have a few options:


#1  Log into the router and release/renew the DHCP.


#2 *Risks!* Factory reset the device. This will remove all settings. If your device isn’t plug and play then you need to know your network information otherwise you will lose internet access. In most case, the router will pull the network info from the ONT, but not always. You’ll need to check your documentation


There can be an issue where you clear the router cache and the computer(s) retain the previous settings! This is the procedure to use:


  • Turn off both your router & ONT.
  • While they are off, clear your internet cache from all browsers, and close all browsers.
  • Go to command prompt (cmd) run ipconfig /flushdns
    • Then run ipconfig /release
    • Run ipconfig /renew
  • You might consider disabling or re-configuring your proxy or VPN.
  • Some firewalls such as Comodo or Kaspersky have services that reconfigure your DNS. If this is a work environment, have a security specialist or admin help you. Disabling/Modifying security settings can make you more susceptible to cyber attacks. Check your manufacturer for more information. If you disable your firewall, only do so for a short period of time.
  • Shutdown the computer (if you have CMD still open run shutdown /s /t 10 ).
  • Manually disconnect and securely reconnect your cables from each device into the same port they used before.
  • Allow all the devices to be off for at least 5 minutes. More modern ones are only 30s but some routers seem to retain power longer.
  • Turn on your ONT first, after it has been fully booted and all lights are showing good, turn on your router and make sure its good to go, then turn on your computer.

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