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How can I disable the wireless port (feature) on my Verizon router ?

How can I disable the wireless port (feature) on my Verizon router ?

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How can  I disable the wireless feature on my Verizon router.  I do have 9100EM15-10 Model. I don't know the procedure or what the PW should be. Thanks nss


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Platinum Contributor II
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Visit and choose the Wireless Settings. On the main page you should see a radio option to turn the Wireless on or off. Simply set it to Off and save. The login for the router will be the username of "admin" and the Password being that of your router's serial number. The Serial Number is found on the bottom of your router on a sticker.

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 Thanks very much. I tried it with S/N but it did not let me in. Could the pw changed. How can we resolve that. Thanks

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Not sure about that router, but on Actiontec routers they changed the password from the to common defaults (password and password1) to the serial number on the sticker.  This was done as a security measure after some were being hacked.  Perhaps this wasn't done for your router.


Also, again on the Actiontec, you could use the hardware reset button on the router to reset the password the the hardware vendors default.  On some this reset the password to "password" on others it caused you to be prompted to set your router's administrative id and password.

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Thanks. Can we confirm about the router reset procedure. I have 9100EM15-10 Model router. How can I log in to disable the wireless port on my router. I tried calling Verizon tech support but they were difficult to reach or get in last night.

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Platinum Contributor II
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Try the four passwords below. If they do not work, resetting the router shouldn't change anything provided that you have not defined port forwards in the past and have simply forgotten the router's password. They can be re-set though.






Your Verizon Username and Password


If they do not let you log in, reset the router to factory defaults using the reset button on the rear of the router, holding it down for around 30 seconds. Once the router restarts from a reset, visit and log in using admin/password if prompted by your browser. If you receive a screen asking to change the password for the user "admin," please set one that you can remember but is not easily guessed. From there, just follow the rest of the instructions above by going to the Wireless settings and disabling the wireless.

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