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How do I setup an Access Point/Repeater on FIOS

How do I setup an Access Point/Repeater on FIOS

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I have a MI424WR-GEN2 router/modem from Verizon.  Since Verizon installed it in the basement, my wi-fi at various other points is not the strongest. I do have cat-5 in various parts of the house. So, I'd like to add one of my old routers to the network and have it act as an access point or repeater (not sure if there is a difference between the two designations).  I'm technical enough to be dangerous and do damage but I wasn't having any luck doing this ... for one, I can't even figure out how to access it to program it since is the verizon router.


I have three choices for a device:

(1) Linksys WRT54GS

(2) Linksys BEFW11S4

(3) Netgear RangeMAx DGND3300 (my preferred choice because it has B/G/N as options)


Help please!


Thank you!

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Thanks. I'm working on this.  I had two questions that don't seem covered per se .

(1) The verizon router is in the basement. I'm going to leave the wireless on for that router to increase coverage around the house. Is that a problem? 

(2) Since the verizon router is in the basement, I'm connecting the netgear to a hub in my home office on the main floor. The hub is connected to an rj45 cat 5 connection that terminates back at the verizon router in the basement. I assume that is ok? They talked about a direct connection with a patch cable.

(3) I'm guessing the netgear access point I'm setting up should be set to the same SSID as the main verizon router?

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1)  Not a problem.  Set the two routers to use different wireless channels so they don't interfere with each other.

2)  Not a problem.

3)  Use the same SSID and any portable devices will roam smoothly from one network to the other.



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I think I finally got it working. The big question is how do I really know?  I at least have internet access so that is one positive vs. my original trials and tribulations.

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Ok, it is working, more or less. But there seems to be a connectivity or reliability issue. For some reason, and it seems to only be on my laptop (but perhaps because the others in my house aren't on engough and haven't noticed an issue?).


I periodically lose connectivity but the network is not down.  I turn off my laptop wi-fi, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on.


I suspect this is something to do with competing protocols ... I don't know, and Verizon didn't confirm, if their router support b/g AND n.  The netgear supports b/g/n.  Also, the Netgear is dual band. Right now, the netgear, as an access point, has both 2.4Ghz (11g) and 5Ghz (11n) SSIDs set to the same name.  Should they be different? In which case, do we need an additional wi-fi to recognize? It doesn't appear as if I can disable one of them.


For the time being, the netgear access point is right next to the laptop. COuld the proximity cause a problem? I've never had that issue before but trying to identify anything!


Any thoughts?



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