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How does one request FiOS hardware to be installed?

How does one request FiOS hardware to be installed?

Contributor MechE
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I am writing because I am trying to figure out who I need to contact to get FiOS installed in our building. Currently, everyone else at our street intersection has service except for us. 


Currently our only offerings are COX and Verizon VDSL, which is being marketed as "FiOS" but it is not fiber and the upload speeds are vastly inferior. (I need to upload 5-10 GB at a time, so VDSL and COX are not viable options). 


My friends who live accross the street current have full FiOS service, and they get full 50/50 service, so my guess is there is hardware missing in our building that Verizon has yet to install. (Do not see an ONT in the apartment, and probably means hardware also needs to be installed in the comm room downstairs)


I already asked the leasing office and their management, and they said if Verizon wants to upgrade our building, please feel free, and they are willing to talk to Verizon reps and engineers regarding the matter. 

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Silver Contributor V
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If your building has Fios VDSL they are not going to change it over.

Contributor MechE
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Any practical reason why? Verizon is charging more for slower service; it is rather unfair when everyone else on the block has fiber AND they get to pay less for it. 


For example, fiber had a promotion for $49.99/month in our area the other month, for 75/75 mbps service. Whereas our apartment building, 50/10 is $94.99/month (for just internet service). That price and speed difference is pretty rediculous. 

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Silver Contributor IV
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@MechE wrote:

Any practical reason why?



There are two reasons why VDSL was installed instead of fiber.

1)  Your landlord did not give permission for fiber to be run to each unit.

2)  VZ engineering surveyed the building and determined running fiber to each unit was not practical.


Although VZ is no longer installing VDSL, it is highly unlikely that VZ would replace the existing VDSL installation with fiber for the above reasons.


Contributor MechE
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Well, I know it's not #1, because my landlord has been trying to get fiber to its units for a while.


So it must be #2. To hear that the service is never going to be upgraded is upsetting, compounded by the fact Verizon is charging 90% more for 33%/87% slower download/upload speeds.


If I have some legal mechanism to force Verizon to upgrade service, I will pursue it. 

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