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How long does upgrade take?

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How long does upgrade take?

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     Today I upgraded from 10/2 to 20/5.  How long does it take to see the results, my account shows 20/5 service and the person I spoke with said something about 10:00 pm.  Do I have to shut the pc down and reset the router, or will I see the speed increase through






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Re: How long does upgrade take?

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Pc,No need to shut down.


Your router probably not,But you can re-boot it later to see.


It should be automatic,Run some speed tests after 10 pm to see.


Verizon probably needs to reset their internal routers though.(might be wrong here)


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Re: How long does upgrade take?

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Usually it happens right after your order completes. Wait 24 hours, if still getting a slow speed please send me a private message, with your telephone number and name.
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