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How many years did it take for FiOS to come to .......

How many years did it take for FiOS to come to .......

Copper Contributor Liana
Copper Contributor
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How many years did it take for FiOS to come to where you live after it was announced that Verizon had it coming?

I live in an town with over 1,000 people and with surrounding towns with more people, i have been living here for over 10 years and need to know how long i can expect it to take them to bring FiOS to me, Verizon is the only phone company where i live, they are the only ones who can offer broadband here at the moment unless i find a way to start a local cable company that provides something so we no longer have to rely on verizon here.


I live in a growing community that could benafit from fiberoptics, not to mention that satalite sucks and limits people so its not worth getting here.

I would get wireless for broadband but they limit the hell out of you just for going over some stupid limit of 5 gigs, which i see as **bleep**.


So what do i have to do?

Contact my local congress or get a petition signed to get things moving here?

I see people move here a lot but then they do not stay living here long cause of a lack of conveniences like good communications technology, high speed is a needed thing in this day and age, internet is, but dial up is too slow where i live and satalite is a limited joke.. so is wireless.


Since their is no seeing DSL ever come to where i live, my hopes lie with Verizon or me taking action myself.

Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Sorry but I had DSL for years before FIOS. It is sad to say that if you can't get DSL, then you may never see FIOS. If verizon can not do DSL where you are, there are probably distance issues where you are from the central office. If a cable company can not install and provide a cable modem or cable service at a profit, I don't think Verizon will. But you may end up with DSL at some point. My brother lives in Strausburg VA which is a small town in the Shenandoa Valley, and Shentel a small company just offered him DSL for the first time. So things may change. Fios can run faster over longer distances, so things may change there also. Good luck and I hope things change for you.
Bronze Contributor II
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Because you cannot get DSL, doesn't mean you won't get FIOS. The limits on DSL are far different than FIOS. Did Verizon actually announce that FIOS was coming to your town? Have you seen any cable placing activity by Verizon? 
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took them about 2 weeks to get to me N of Keller, Tx
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I was in their test area in Bucks County, PA =]
Copper Contributor DerekB
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DSL has a limit of about 18,000 feet while FIOS has limits of about 18 miles from the central office.  In my neighborhood, it took about 3 months from the time I saw the first announcement that FIOS was coming till I could schedule an install.  Eventually Verizon's plan is to make its entire network FIOS.
Bronze Contributor II
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There are SO many factors that go into FiOs being offered! Verizon plans to have so much fiber strung in North America that if that meteor comes from outer space & hits here it will bounce off! But that’ll take a while….

Some of the things that hold up your FiOs deployment:
City Council
State Regulators
Physical Barriers (rivers roads, etc)
Home Owner’s Associations
Market-place & competitive considerations

There will never be an advanced “who’s next” list as it would be sales suicide, the competing service would just offer a free year and Verizon would not get enough sales to support the expense of deployment, those areas are a carefully guarded secret. But when a door-hanger shows up on your door knob one happy day, you’re really close!

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