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How to Add a POE on a Fiber incoming line

How to Add a POE on a Fiber incoming line

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I hear lots of posts talking about putting a "POE" MoCA filter where the cable comes into the house in order to prevent MoCA internet traffic from flowing back into your neighbors' cable network. Instructions usually say to put it right on the cable as it comes into your equipment from the street.


So how does one do this when the signal comes in over optical Fiber to an ONT? VZ put an optical adapter and the signal runs into my cable modem on a thin yellow wire. Can I assume I can put it inline right where the coax cable comes out of the ONT/cable modem?

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You don't need to put one on your cable. Not for a house anyway. MoCA traffic doesn't go back out on the fiber. Verizon has multi tenant ONTs where a floor will share the main coax connection. In that case each feed has to have a filter to prevent MoCA from going to another apartment. 

Cable companies also have to use one where the cable drop enters the house or apartment since the whole building or street is fed from one main coax. 

Basically they only allow 5-800 MHz pass through. So it filters frequencies above 800 MHz since MoCA is 1000 MHz and above. 

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