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How to check incoming signal strength (in dB) on Actiontec MI424-WR

How to check incoming signal strength (in dB) on Actiontec MI424-WR

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I have Fios using the MI424-WR router, hardware version D, firmware  However, I need to another TV to my network, and want to determine the incoming signal strength off of the splitter heading into the router. Also, what is the acceptable level for this signal?




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Hey Xyrium. Digital outlets (tv) should be between -6 dBmV and +13 dBmV. Let me know if this helps.

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Thanks Shawn, that's good info. Any idea how to check this at the router level? My old cable modem (Motoral Networfer or something) had this feature. I'm trying to determine if I can afford to hit the router with a -7dB outlet from a splitter, and use the 3.5dB for a secondary splitter that will feed two TVs downstream.

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The threshold for the router outlet is -10 dBmV to +13 dBmV.

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THanks. ANy idea how to determine what I'm currently obtaining at that port?

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Does this help you any



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Thanks. I am the OP, and I suppose it's one way to determine how the change will affect the router when I move to a 7dB port on the splitter. I prefer to see signal strength in dB, but I suppose this will suffice if no one else comes up with the exact answer by this weekend.


Thanks again!

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I'm not sure if you can do that on the Actiontec router but are you aware you can determine what the dB is on the STB? 


Go to:  Menu, Customer Support, Self Diagnostics.  



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Ok, I'll check the STBs, but I found this from the router. The two other devices are the DVRs I suppose:


Router   Device 1   Device 2

208.39      214.65      218.72                         



It appears that the signal from the 7dB ports on the splitter are feeding the DVRs a better signal than the router gets on the 3.5dB port. Am I reading this correctly? Therefore, I think I'd rather keep the router on the 3.5dB port and add a second splitter to a 7dB port to feed another TV. Sound about right?


Thanks for your help with this!



Edit: Ok, I get 19dB at one box and 26dB at the other STB. Oddly, the one at the 19dB level is closer to the splitter by about 15 feet. Bad cable? Are these satisfactory numbers (same as the recommendations for the router above)?


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I would say to hook up an stb using the routes coax cable and use it as your meter. You can either hit power > select > select and choose in band status for your snr dB. Or the menu as described. Optimal range for tv signal is 32-36.
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